Grassfed Raw Milk Sales Double after BBC Milk Show

Hook and Sons Fares Well with Favorable Publicity

by Phil Ridley, Volunteer WAPF London Chapter Leader


BBC does Milk Show

BBC Radio 4’s popular “The Food Program” aired a sympathetic 30min program about raw milk and linked from their website to the Weston A Price Foundation’s  The program can streamed online at this link, What is Milk? and click here to download the podcast which can be found also on i-tunes. This program is a vital tool for those attempting to reach out to friends and family who find raw milk scary or consider it a fringe, kooky issue.

Hook-and-Sons-Raw-Dairy- Farm

Hook and Son at their local beach in Sussex, on England's South Coast.

The Food Programme’s Presenter, Sheila Dillon, chose to compare the pasteurised, filtered, homogenised, standardized and skimmed products of Cravendale with raw, organic, grass fed milk from Hook and Son who sell their raw milk, butter and cream nationwide via courier service and at farmers markets in London and in Sussex. Cravendale claimed that they do as little as possible to their milk, but it was clear that the Sheila was not convinced. Hook and son also received good coverage and showed Sheila around the farm. They had opportunity to explain how raw milk today is very different to the raw milk of yester-year, describing rigorous hygiene routines and the hi-tech stainless machine equipment in modern dairies that near to eliminate risk. They explain the more stringent inspection regime which makes raw milk a more quality assured product than pasteurised milk.


Raw Milk Dispenser in Slovenia

Hook and Son did very well from the program, demonstrating what raw milk can achieve, if only it gets the publicity it deserves. Their sales have doubled and they have progressed from one national delivery day to two. They indicated on the program their intention to roll out vending machines around London. Vending machines for raw milk are popular elsewhere in Europe and hopefully they will take off soon in the UK.

Click here for UK raw milk listings.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, Honorary Board Member of the Weston A Price Foundation was interviewed. She dropped the key bombshell information for the masses, that those with lactose intolerance tend to tolerate raw milk. She was given time to explain the benefits of probiotic foods like milk and the dangers of a diet devoid of probiotics.

Here is a video of Dr Campbell-McBride MD speaking about the benefits of probiotic foods like raw milk at Wise Traditions London 2010.

The issue of fat gets a mention. The scientist interviewed to promote the EU’s drive for low fat, 2% milk, when questioned, admitted that there is no evidence that the fats in milk contribute to heart disease. Tellingly, he nonetheless unashamedly claimed mandate to continue with a precautionary principle, stubbornly justifying drives towards low fat milk. That low fat milk program is also found in the USA, with milk moustache adverts on billboards and buses throughout the country plus TV adverts. These, in the UK are funded via a milk levy per pint, which farmers are forced to pay, as if they didn’t have enough costs to deal with. It should come as no surprised that a levy such as this, extracted via coercion, should be used to promote policies that have no basis in science. The Food Standards Agency in the UK has indicated where they are going with this, that they will not be satisfied with 2% milk. They are already actively promoting 1% milk.

Those in the Europe have an opportunity to view a Preview of The Moo Man at Wise Traditions London March 26, 2011, hosted by the London Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation. This is a fly on the wall movie about Hook and Son, who were featured in the Radio 4 programme. The film will be released later on this year. It gets intimate and muddy on the farm, following Steve Hook on his routines, documenting the joys and challenges of dairy farming. Its key thread is about how the farm saved itself by ignoring the supermarkets and selling raw milk direct. Instead of getting 25p/litre from the processors, they can charge over £2/litre selling their raw, organic milk direct. This has provided them the capital necessary  necessary allows them to employ staff and develop their products, farm and marketing.


Phil Ridley on a Pro-Butter Campaign

Philip Ridley is the Weston A. Price Chapter Leader for London, England. He is the organizer of the second annual Wise Traditions London Conference to be held in London on March 26, 2011. You might recall his successful protest of a surgeon’s attempt to ban butter in the United Kingdom. Here is his blog about his one man pro-butter crusade.

If you live in the UK and would like to get involved in Phil’s efforts on behalf of real food, join him and his fellow Weston A. Price members on Contact Philip by email: at


  1. Very nice to see! I wish the networks here would also show the truth about raw milk, but they sold their collective souls to Big Ag a long time ago.

  2. Sylvia Onusic says:

    In an interview I did with Irena Rogelj, MD, Professor of Dairy Science at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) this past summer, she told me that they regularly monitor the automatic milk machines and have not had any incidences of illness reported. Dr. Rogelj told me that the probiotic bacteria in mother’s milk and in raw milk “teach” the immune system. The number of machines is increasing from month to month. The machines are now being sold in the rest of the former Yugoslavia: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia.

    There are over 1300 of these machines in Italy. Most other European countries have the automatic milk machines. They are also found in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

    Sylvia Onusic

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks, Sylvia, for giving us the international perspective! Maybe,
      someday, America will catch up with the “Old World”!

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