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Canadian Farmer Michael Schmidt is on day 12 of a Hunger Strike protesting Health Canada’s prosecution of him for serving the needs of his fellow citizens by operating a shareholder dairy. Today, Hartke is Online! is launching a Letters to Michael campaign. We are asking our readers to send letters of support to Michael, in care of this blog. The letters will be posted here and then forwarded to Canadian media editors and reporters in hopes of garnering support for Michael, who is now facing criminal  penalties and large fines over his raw milk.  Our first letter is from a raw milk freedom fighter from the United Kingdom, Sir Julian Rose.

In Defense of Real Food

A Guest Blog and Open Letter by Sir Julian Rose

Dear Michael,

I, and many other sympathisers, extend our full support to you and to your colleagues in the United States who are putting up such a courageous stand on behalf of a sane approach to human nutrition and simple, honest food.

We are living through a critical time. The food chain is already close to being high-jacked by corporate interests abetted by blinkered government officials who pronounce ‘dead food’ as the only ‘safe food’. By this analysis we should all be subjected to a lifeless, irradiated and even nanotech diet – in order not to have to face the risk of eating anything that might express the ways of nature.

Michael Schmidt and His Supporters in Cow Masks

Michael Schmidt and His Supporters in Cow Masks

But thank God for the raw milk warriors! Thanks to you and to this movement, we could just be on the cusp of turning this whole horror story around – and awakening thousands of people to the delights of unpasteurised milk, cream, butter, cheese – and by extension – a re-awakening of the need to grow and to purchase local, fresh and seasonal foods of all descriptions. Those that put the zing back into the soul of our struggling rural communities.

But I know how tough it is, we had to battle with the authorities in England on more than one occasion when they tried to ban unpasteurised milk sales. But we won through, and although the number of producers is small sales are boyant and more and more people are seeking out the culinary pleasures of Real Milk. Many who have suffered from allergic reactions to heat treated milk are finding the consumption of properly produced, licensed raw milk, to be a trouble free solution. It is surely one of nature’s best kept super-food secrets!

So Michael, rest assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Where resistance is based on a fight for what is true it cannot help but expose what is false. Did I just hear a chorus of affirmative moos from the barn?

All best wishes,


Founder of the Association of Unpasteurised Milk Producers and Consumers.

Sir Julian Rose

Sir Julian Rose

Sir Julian Rose is a British aristocrat who has turned his family estate into a model of sustainable farming. He is now co-director of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, co-launching a highly successful Campaign for a GMO Free Poland, as well as, leading a high profile defense of native farmers, whom he holds-up as the true guardians of biodiversity and quality of food throughout the world. Julian contributed to BBC Radio Four’s Farming Today during 2007 with his monthly broadcast, ‘Letters from Poland,’ passionately highlighting the crisis from forcing corporate globalization into traditional farming communities.

See Sir Julian’s previous posts here. Sir Julian Rose is the Chair for Wise Traditions, UK, the first London conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation, in 2010. Please visit westonaprice.org/london to purchase DVDs, view preview clips, watch free videos of the 2010 conference.

Send your Letter to Michael to kim.hartke at gmail.com. Selected letters will be published, and sent to the media. All letters will be forwarded to Michael to give him comfort in these hours of need.

NOTE: Sir Julian pointed out to me that he is not a Royal, which indicates direct hereditory links to the royal family which he doesn’t have. My mistake. But he did say the proper term is aristocrat, so I have changed his bio accordingly.