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by Kimberly Hartke

Michael Schmidt has fought Canadian health officials for his right to farm for over two decades. He has lost untold thousands of dollars and a large amount of his land in this heart wrenching legal struggle. Michael is a German emigre to Canada, and knows first hand the dangers of government control, having lived through the Nazi terrors as a child.

On the Bovine Blog, Michael writes:

“This is not my battle. This is not the battle I have chosen. This is not what I had to do to get the food I want.

History of oppression is repeating itself in front of our eyes through the ever increasing Government control and protection.

History of oppression is repeating itself because of our apathy to let evil proceed.

Our material losses will never be recovered, the personal losses will be forever part of my life and others directly involved.”

Michael goes on to say that his hunger strike is about rousing the rest of us from our complacency. Read the rest of Michael Schmidt’s thoughts on freedom on the Bovine.

Kathryne Pirtle, a U.S. citizen who suffered serious digestive disease and overcame it with nutrient dense foods from a farm similar to Michael Schmidt’s says this in a Bovine blog post:

“Who could have ever predicted that modern governments would squander enormous energy and financial resources on trying to control something as basic as a person’s right to choose the very food they eat and a farmer’s right to produce the food that people want to consume. As history books are written to reveal today’s unfathomable misuse of governmental power, future generations will be mystified by this corrupt political initiative.”

Read the rest of Kathryne Pirtle’s perspective on food freedom on the Bovine.

As, for myself, this was not a battle I would have chosen either. But a debilitating, painful knee condition drove me to find answers. Lifestyle changes were my only option. Doctor’s told me I was too young for knee replacement, and that weight loss, strength building exercises were my only option. They gave me no advice on diet, but after doing my own research, I found that diet could indeed rebuild and restore my knee joints.

Ultimately, I found the Weston A. Price Foundation dietary guidelines. I am very grateful, as they have helped me stave off years of pain. But days like today, when my knees are feeling a little sore and stiff, I get very concerned about the government vendetta against the type of farm that has given me hope and help in my health struggles.

Why won’t health officials even try to get to know those of us who seek out these foods? We do so because these foods have life giving properties. They build the body in a way that manufactured and processed foods cannot. They are therapeutic in nature, and are tremendously valuable to those who have few if any medical options to heal themselves.

I reject the notion that a far off bureaucracy needs to control our food supply so tightly so as to impinge on our basic freedom to feed ourselves. In fact, I think it is downright dangerous for the public to allow this level of intrusion.

Whether or not you personally need these foods, I hope you will stand up for our rights to access them.

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation.

If you would like to show your support for Michael Schmidt, please consider writing a letter, select letters will be published on this blog and sent to the media. Send your letter to kim dot hartke at gmail.com.

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