Tiger New Year!!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Australia Boy ??J.D Chen?™

Hey, it’s a brand new year! And, my friends and I have decided it is going to be a good one! Make the commitment to your health and well-being this year to make real food a daily part of your life. Start with baby steps to a healthier diet, then ramp up to trying a new nourishing traditions recipe each week. This Weekend Gourmet blog carnival should give you plenty of ideas!

Bloggers, please share your recipes and culinary tips in this weekly carnival, then link back to this post from your own blog. Readers are welcome to leave recipes in the comments.

OH, by the way…My new years resolution is to dump Discus as my comment manager. I have had numbers of complaints about the difficulty of commenting on the blog. So, shortly it will be GONE.

By the way, Bloggers and Readers, you can help spread the word about this blog carnival by facebooking and tweeting this post! We’d love to have more home chefs (and perhaps even restaurant chefs) participating in the new year!

And, the most exciting news! The Real Food Media SUPERSALE (click on this link for details) is extended until this Friday! These are the classes, e-books, and menu planning tools that can help you make strides toward your new healthy you!

Here’s Mr. Linky!

Kimberly Hartke is a realfoodmedia.com blogger.