Child’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Responds to Nutrition


The Tyson Family Worked as a Team to Overcome Childhood Cancer

After Surgery, Childhood Cancer Cured with Nutrition

by Kimberly Hartke

On Mason’s fourth birthday, his parents, Nicole and Scott Tyson received the devastating diagnosis, “Your son has a neuroblastoma cancer.”  A life altering moment in the extreme for a young couple, who had spent the prior months excitedly poring over house plans, deciding what to build on a beautiful plot of land they had just purchased.

A mysterious shadow on the x-ray of Mason’s abdomen turned out to be a stage 4 Neuroblastoma. And, it needed to come out right away. Within a week, Mason was wheeled into surgery, with two worried parents by his side, and all their church, family and friends praying for a miracle.

The tumor was removed, but cancer remained in his lymph nodes. Mason, the doctor said, would need chemotherapy. The prognosis was grim.


Mason underwent surgical removal of neuroblastoma cancer

Scott remembers the doctor saying, ” Possible side effects are hearing loss, kidney and liver failure, possible heart transplant, won’t be able to reproduce, may get leukemia from the treatment and will end up losing his teeth.  The doctor finished with, ‘but you’ll be able to enjoy having him around for a while, as he should live until the age of 40’.”

This was not welcome news. The idea of still losing their little one to cancer before he lived a complete life was unthinkable. Nicole and Scott insisted that the tests be shown to the top 3 cancer hospitals in the U.S. for a second, third and fourth opinion.

Then, the couple prayed for unanimity in the responses.

They were overjoyed when all three hospitals suggested a wait and see approach and further testing to see if the cancer progressed. When those tests proved the cancer was not advancing, Mason didn’t have to undergo chemo.

Neuroblastoma Linked to Pesticides in Food

Meanwhile, Scott was doing exhaustive internet research, trying to understand how his little boy got cancer. It turns out Neuroblastoma is linked to pesticides. Even though Scott had been growing his own food, and using organic methods, they were still buying some fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, which they carefully washed.

What Scott didn’t realize is that pesticides are absorbed into the leafs and flesh of fruits and veggies, where they can’t be washed off.


List of Cancer Fighting Foods is Available from Weston A. Price Foundation

In his quest to get to the bottom of Mason’s health crisis, Scott came across the Weston A. Price Foundation. He learned about farmer Joel Salatin, and the work of journalist Michael Pollan. As he describes it, “My head was spinning, but in a good way. All of these things were foods God provided, unaltered, righteous, and wholesome.  The way it should be.”

When Scott started reading about Neuroblastoma he realized it is more about food than anything else. He then set out, with Nicole’s help, to change the family diet.

Here is the nutritional program the Tyson family put into their lifestyle:

They added raw veggies, alkaline based foods, duck eggs (which Scott describes as alkaline protein), grassfed local beef, organic chicken and pasture-raised eggs to their diet. The family actually bought a half a cow for their freezer. The family stopped buying grocery store food, and added apple cider vinegar to their routine. They boosted the entire family’s immunity by eating food as raw or rare as possible.

They also switched out all personal and household care products, to eliminate anything that would put stress on Mason’s immune system. For instance they switched to a natural toothpaste, changed dishwasher and laundry soaps.

They eliminated anything that  could damage his immunity, so that Mason’s immune system could focus like a laser beam on ridding him of the remaining cancerous cells.

From following Weston A Price Foundation’s dietary guidelines, they began caring about nutrient content in their food. They discovered the importance of soil for animals and vegetables. They learned that soil is a living thing, the richer the soil the more nutrition in the food. They sought out farmers that understood these principles. Scott now knows that petroleum products (in the form of fertilizers) put in the soil, destroy.

The family got their miracle. In fact, several.


Photo Credit: Sara Anthony Photography-- Healthy, Cancer Free, Mason at Age 8

“Our boys grew healthy and Mason’s cancer was gone.  Completely healed!  The cancer that was in his lymph nodes had calcified and sealed completely.   The pain in my joints from lupus, an auto-immune disorder, was gone.  In the past, I would routinely have ice on my knees at night because of the swelling, but no longer since we’ve changed our diet.”

Read the full story about nutrition and cancer on the family’s blog.

To learn more about nutrition and cancer, please get a copy of the book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillan. Quillan is the former head nutritionist for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. See also the Weston A. Price Foundation Brochure, How to Protect Yourself from Cancer with Food, the brochure can be found under Order Materials on the website.

For another view on healing cancer with a holistic approach, see this article by Weston A. Price Board member, Dr. Tom Cowan, M.D.

There is more to this story, part two, next Wednesday, describes how this victory over cancer led to a whole new family enterprise!

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation, a 501C3 nutrition education non-profit.

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  1. This is very encouraging. I, too, am dealing with stage 4 cancer. Though I keep my meat and dairy consumption to a minimum, I always choose grass fed and organic. Nothing but organic fruits, vegs and grains for me.

  2. What an inspiring story! So glad that innocent child was spared the horror of “Chemo”.

    Real food and prayer really do heal.

  3. What an amazing and very inspiring story.

  4. charnee merritt says:

    My son is diagnoised with neuroblastoma stage 4. This is really helpful for me!

  5. Hey would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m going to start
    my own blog soon but I’m having a difficult time selecting between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for
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  6. thank you our daughter has a neroblastoma stage three, 20% of the tuma can not be removed she was 4 months when the doctors found it after mir scan she has had chemo heaps of operations ect, now only two more sleeps untill her 6 birthday, we have apportments with the doctors but my mother gut feeling is telling me i really need to help her diet and I become so worried about her and if she will be ok because she always looks to thin for her age and i check her bp but all seems well, but i know that this will help. healty eating thank you for helping me become more aware of pestasides in the foods.

  7. Kimberly Hartke says:

    There are so many ways to protect our health naturally! Please read other stories on my blog to give you hope!


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