Former Prison Inmate Suffers High Soy Diet Damage

Alcatraz Broadway ~ San Francisco, CA
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A former Illinois inmate called me the other day, and I asked him to share his story with our Hartke is Online! blog readers. Eddie is also willing to do media interviews, he really wants the world to know that prison conditions, particularly the high soy diet, are deplorable in his state.

Hi my name is Eddie M. and I feel compelled  to share my horror story with the world regarding the excessive consumption of soy foods within the Illinois Department of  Corrections (I.D.O.C.).

Since my arrival at the I.D.O.C. in 2007. I began to consume excessive amounts of soy due to my financial situation (I had no money for commissary). So, after a period of time eating these meals made out of soy products, I began to experience many stomach problems. I could not explain where they were coming from. I then started taking many trips to the I.D.O.C. health-care-unit and after numerous lab tests, medications, and X-rays, I came to the conclusion that it was the soy food that was causing all these stomach problems.

Please keep in mind that I was a perfectly healthy human being before this whole ordeal with soy.  Since being fed a prison diet high in soy, I began to complain about all my medical problems, which consisted of #1. Stomach Pains. #2. Constipation. #3. Stomach Bacteria #4. Yellow Stool, etc.

I have been poked, prodded, and many other things that no human being should have to go through, yet, the “I.D.O.C.” health services could not find the source of the problems.  SO THEY SAY to “drink lots of water.” A Common Saying in I.D.O.C.!

I strongly feel that I.D.O.C. knew all the time what was causing all these problems, not only with me but with many other inmates as well. There is strong evidence to support this allegation. I even had a Doctor actually confess to me that all my stomach problems are from the soy foods I was eating. However, he also stated that he would never admit that this conversation ever took place.

Please Note: I was released in 2011 and till this very day I continue to experience stomach pains, bowel problems etc and I’m currently taking medication for these problems and don’t know if they will ever be diagnosed properly. I sincerely hope that this practice stops for the well being of all inmates and before it turns into a epidemic.

Eddie M.

I now would like to pay tribute to Ms. Kimberly A. Hartke for whom this article would not be possible. THANK YOU KIMBERLY ARE A INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US.

Many prisoners suffer in silence, for fear of retaliation and abuse if they complain to guards or prison officials about the food. I would encourage all former inmates and families of prisoners to speak out in any way you can to draw attention to this problem. Here is the latest press release from Weston A. Price Foundation about the prison soy lawsuit.

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Soy Alert! campaign, a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation.


  1. Hope the WAPF has told him about kefir and sauerkraut … surely must be better than medication for repairing this awful damage …

  2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar will most likely releave him of his stomach problems.. I have removed almost all soy products from my diet and am drinking apple cider vinegar and water three times a day.. and my stomach problems are pretty much gone.. you can reverse these problems without medication.. because the meds are not treating the actual cause they are only treating the symptoms .. and the meds in turn are causing you more problems. most meds upset the stomach anyway.. I hope this is helpfull to anyone who reads it

  3. Hi Sarah thank you and good morning I want to inform you that I have taken up your suggestion and started to drink Apple Cider Vinegar. I will keep you informed on the progress and please if you can stay in touch.

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