Daffodils At The Crescent Hotel
Creative Commons License photo credit: doug_wertman

The Daffodils are Up!

Hope Springs Eternal. Spring is poking it’s beautiful head up and bringing with it some much needed cheer. As we prepare for Spring Cleaning, let’s share recipes in our Weekend Gourmet blog carnival.

We are looking for locally sourced ingredients, farm fresh foods, and made from scratch recipes. Whether complicated or super easy, we want recipes that will bring families back to their traditional diets.

Enough with the packaged, processed, chemical laden foods of modern industry. We bloggers want to support human industry of a small farm scale. Local, free enterprise is essential to liberty, as well as radiant health.

Bloggers, share your recipes using Mr. Linky, and link back to this post from your blog. Please also, introduce yourselves in the comments and let people know why you are a real food proponent!

Readers, please share links to your favorite online recipes by sharing them in the comments.

Here’s Mr. Linky!