Pigs Raised in their Natural Habitat, Fields and Forest

Starting this Sunday, April 1, 2012, heritage pork producers will find themselves violating a new law which declares their prized farm animals an “invasive species.” Honest, hardworking farmers will face having their herds destroyed by the government, and possibly criminal charges.

An Indiana restauranteur, Pete Eshelman from the Joseph Decuis Restaurant and Farm procures heritage breed Mangalitsa pigs from Michigan. He is so concerned about the plight of the farmers he supports, that he commissioned a videographer to make this compelling video appeal for public support.

Watch the Video

What You Can Do to Protect Humane Pork Producers in Michigan

Contact Governor Rick Snyder by e-mail,  and/or phone, 517-335-7858.

Do not allow his office to direct you to the DNR.

Talking points:

  1. The MDNR needs to stay off farms
  2. The MDNR needs to repeal the Invasive Species Order.
  3. This is not the Michigan Legislature’s fault, the “Invasive Species Order” was created by and is being implemented by the MDNR

Other states are watching this issue. Here is a TV news story that ran in Indiana.

Farm Regulation in Michigan Could Potentially Harm Indiana Farmers

The Sleazy Politics Behind this Measure

The pork confinement operations in Michigan have come out in favor of this new law.  As the public becomes increasingly aware of the eco-damage, filth and animal cruelty on these mega farms, rather than clean up their act they are pressuring government agencies to thwart alternative production models. So sensitive to the growing public concern about their practices, in some states pork producers are introducing Ag-Gag legislation to keep the public from seeing how their food is produced.

According to the USDA,  all together, the 2009 small farms in Michigan raise less than 500  pigs. And, 1725 of those farms have less than 25 pigs. In contrast, a typical factory farm would have several barns, with upwards of 5000 hogs under each roof!

See my previous story: Michigan CAFOs Conspire with Government to Ban Outdoor Pig Farming

One source tells Hartke is Online! that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has ballooned in size since 2009, doubling the number of employees to 3500 state-wide. So hungry for revenue is this beast of an agency, their agents stake out roadkill, and when a motorist stops and takes the dead deer home to feed his family, they follow him home and fine the citizen $1500.00 for not having a hunting license!

One of the main reasons behind the DNR scheme to target feral pigs, is financial. See Pete Kennedy’s analysis of this state agency’s agenda to drive private hunting preserves out of business to increase revenue from public hunting grounds.

Is this agency just too big to thrive? Is that why they are out-of-control and trampling over the rights of farmers (like a bunch of destructive feral pigs)? Consider this. Those on the DNR payroll outnumber the 2000 small farms which raise pigs humanely. Perhaps it is as simple as, their jobs vs. these farm businesses?

Seems the new invasive species is state employees rather than wild pigs!

Kimberly Hartke is publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation.