New Look for our Vacation Beach Rental, Islamorada Beach Bungalow

Welcome Back to our Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival! I have not been posting the carnival for the last few weeks (sorry, folks!) and wanted to show you one of the things I have been doing instead of blogging!

Fish Shutters Islamorada Beach Bungalow

Fish Shutter Detail

The photo above is one of our vacation rentals in Ocean City, Maryland. I have spent several weeks at the beach, where I have been managing a renovation project, and we are now sporting a new front deck, new screen door and cute fish shutters (deck railing and shutters designed by me and built by Brian Fitzgerald Construction). I can’t recommend Brian highly enough, he is awesome to work with! Brian used his son’s sand toys as the pattern for the cut out fish on these shutters. So creative! He plans to put a website up soon, and I will add the link to this post! Here is Brian’s Facebook page.

Islamorada still has two weeks in August available for rent, and three weeks in September!

To learn more about our other foodie and family friendly beach and mountain vacation rentals (all have fully stocked kitchens), visit!

So, back to the blog carnival. It is farmers market season, and lots of fresh local produce is rolling in. Help me inspire others to buy local by sharing your recipes in today’s blog carnival.

Joel Salatin in his new book, Folks, This Ain’t Normal, says that local food sales amount to less than 2% of our food supply. Clearly, we have a long way to go in engaging the general public.

So, dear bloggers and readers, please consider sharing a recipe with Mr. Linky or in the comments! This is how we will share our love of local foods and farms! Bloggers, please link back to this post!

Here’s Mr. Linky!

Screen Door Islamorada Beach Bungalow

Screen Door Closeup on Islamorada Beach Bungalow