Mom Takes on GMO Seeds Issue with Sci-Fi Movie Project


Seed Police an Independent Film Project will Raise Awareness of Genetically Modified Organisms

Yesterday, I interviewed Gayla Prewitt, a Missouri mom who used diet to turn around a family health crisis. Now a member of the Feingold Association, Gayla is working on a film project to expose to a wider audience the nature of the GMO controversy. Using the genre of science fiction, she hopes to entertain, while educating about a looming frightful future. Gayla is convinced we have opened a Pandora’s box. And, that a bleak future is in store for us if we don’t halt the expansion of GMO seed crops into planet Earth’s ecosystem.

Today, I am sharing the audio interview, and a promo video about her GMO seeds movie.

“Currently, she is raising funds for the Seed Police film project online using She would like to see the project fully “crowd funded,” as part and parcel of her grassroots educating effort. Please consider what you might do to help make this film a reality!

Here is the film promo reel, and below, my audio interview of Gayla.

Click on this link to listen to the 20 minute interview:


Gayla Prewitt, No GMO Activist

Gayla Prewitt Interview 19 June 2012

How You Can Help

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  1. Tom Burgess says:

    Michael Hicks has done this very thing in his novel “Season of the Harvest”.

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