Competitive Athletes are Finding Raw Milk Gives Them an Edge

Here’s a video I plan to share at the International Raw Milk Symposium! This sports and fitness buff, explains his enthusiasm for adding raw milk to the diet. If you swim competitively, here is one more valuable testimony about why farm fresh milk should be high on the list of swimmer diet tips.

One gallon of raw milk daily and Nathanael’s skin blemishes cleared up, plus he gained in strength and saw the benefits in his chosen sport of swimming.

Watch this Video for Swimmer Diet Tips !

All competitive athletes should look into the benefits of raw milk. Here is a previous story of a female endurance cyclist team that set a World Record powered by raw milk!

Are you a coach or athlete that endorses raw milk for body building, stamina, or other benefits? Please contact us, we’d like to share your story!

If you can enlighten our readers with other swimmer diet tips, please share them in the comments, below!

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for The Campaign for Real Milk, a project of nutrition education non-profit, The Weston A. Price Foundation.