Genetic Roulette is a movie that will wake Americans up to the Dangers of GMOs in our Food Supply.

We don’t think of the American Diet as a risky gamble, but one new documentary film will definitely convince you that it is, more than we realize!

Today is our Weekend Gourmet blog carnival, where we promote farm fresh ingredients for your family fare.

But, I want to take this opportunity to ask you to take time out of your busy week to watch and share the link to the important new film, Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith. The movie details the controversy, consequences and coverup of genetically modified foods.

For this week only, the movie is free to see online. Here is the link to share on facebook and invite others to see it:

Bloggers, please share your recipes in today’s carnival, and consider doing a blog post where you let your readers know about the opportunity to learn about GMO risks and the rewards of passing Prop 37 in California. See my previous post: Why I Support GMO Labeling and Proposition 37 in California.

Readers, as always, you are welcome to share recipes or links to your fave recipes in the comments, below.

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