Joel Salatin, a Virginia farmer that teaches respect for the web of life.

Blog Carnival Aims to Collect Healthy Recipes

Welcome back to another blog carnival! Sorry about last week, we were traveling and I was unable to blog! That does happen once in a while, as I am traveling more to speak on behalf of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Hopefully, you all will bear with me on the Monday’s that I don’t show up!

Last night, nearly 250 people had the privilege of hearing Joel Salatin speak at an evening sponsored by Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association at the McLean Hilton. He always teaches, always inspires. But, what I really enjoyed in last night’s talk, was his emphasis on respecting the biology of nature, and the design inherent in different creatures. What a beautiful thought!

Bloggers, please share your healthy diet recipes today, and tell us in the comments a little bit about your food philosophy. Why you are motivated to blog and create recipes with integrity ingredients and healthful nutrition! Don’t forget to link back to this post from your blog. We all value those incoming links!

Readers, should you try one of our healthy recipes, I know these bloggers would love to hear from you. Please come back and comment on this post and perhaps even the bloggers blog! You will motivate us to keep going as you do so! You are also welcome to share links to your fave healthy recipes in the comments, too.

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