The Fermenting Cupboard, My Corner Cabinet is Alive with Microbial Activity!

What’s Brewing in Your Cupboard?

Here it is, another Monday, another blog carnival! This is where my blogging friends share their awesome recipes to inspire and tantalize our readers into trying more home cooking with locally sourced ingredients.

I am brimming with anticipation for my trip to Vancouver and Seattle this week. A Vancouver food activist, Raoul Bedi, is organizing an event this Thursday (thanks, Raoul!) and I have put together a talk called, Fermenting Your Way to Radical Good Health. On Saturday, a Weston Price Chapter leader in North Vancouver is opening up her restaurant for my talk called The Real Deal about Raw Milk.

Then, it’s off to Seattle, where I will give the same raw milk talk to our very active (and I must say, organized) Seattle Chapter. Two Linda’s, Linda Zurich and Linda Harkness put together a committee and they have planned a very successful event (Thanks EVERYONE!). You can sign up online to attend, here. Or snatch the downloadable Real Deal about Raw Milk flyer. The next morning, Kelli Estrella and I speak to a University of Washington class of journalism and public health students. My talk for them is called, What I wish Journalists Knew About Raw Milk. This event is not open to the public, but what an amazing opportunity to reach the academic realm with this issue.

That night, Kelli and I will travel to an island off the coast of Washington state (by ferrry, how cool is that?) and I will give the raw milk talk sponsored by Dungeness Family Creamery. The venue is a charming 1800’s schoolhouse, what a perfect place to discuss such traditional, ‘old world’ foods as raw milk and artisan cheese! Here is a downloadable flyer about that raw milk event.

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Kimberly Hartke is Publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation and a featured blogger on the Village Green Network.

I have included links to the event flyers, in case you know anyone who’d like to attend.