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Is there a Chemtrails Conspiracy That Threatens Farms, Soil Health and Seeks to Control Weather Patterns? Please read this guest blog, follow the links, watch the film, and let’s discuss in the comments! All ideas, even opposing views, welcome. But keep it civil, folks.

Agenda 21 & Chemtrails- Threats to Human Health

By Guest Blogger, John C. Hammell

There is no more organic food unless its grown in greenhouses. Why is that? Simple, we’re all undergoing massive biological attack via geoengineering, aka “chemtrails” through which we are all being sprayed with very toxic levels of heavy metals including aluminum oxide, barium, strontium, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, and many others as well as dessicated red blood cells, and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Dane Wigington is an expert on alternative energy who lives in a state of the art, off-the-grid solar powered home in Lake Shasta, CA. An engineer who used to work for Bechtel, Wigington became aware that 20% less sunlight was reaching his solar array due to massive aerosol spraying of billions of pounds of toxic heavy metals being sprayed ostensibly to “stop global warming”, however this story does not hold water.

Uncovering The Chemtrails Conspiracy

After carefully reviewing reams of data including patents on weather modification, and the weaponization of weather by the military, Wigigton began to realize that the official story of “Geoengineering” was nothing but SPIN, and he probes the real reasons for this chemtrails conspiracy in his well researched Geoengineering Watch website.

Among the interesting facts Dane provides in his website is this now unclassified article by the US Airforce: “Weather as a Force Multiplier- Owning the Weather by 2025.”

He also furnishes this exhaustive list of patents on weather modification.

From reading Dane’s site, and sites such as, Stop Spraying California, and

Why in the World Are They Spraying?

Watch the Trailer for this important documentary which details the chemtrails conspiracy theory:

I’ve learned that the real reason for geoengineering is not “to stop global warming” because although the aluminum oxide being sprayed does reflect some of the sun’s rays back into space, it also creates artificial clouds of aerosols that trap the sun’s heat close to the surface which CAUSES global warming…

So, what is the REAL reason for the spraying?

There are 3 reasons:

1) To change the electrical conductivity of our atmosphere so that scaler weapons such as HAARP in Alaska will work. These microwave weapons can be used in conjunction with chemtrails to control the weather, also to trigger off earthquakes and tsunamis.

2) For population control to cull the human herd: weather control = crop control= people control via contrived food shortages such as the huge drought currently driving small farmers out of business in the midwest.

3) Monsanto has a hand in the chemtrails conspiracy, as they have a patent on a genetically engineered seed that will germinate despite the changes in Ph from all the aluminum oxide being sprayed on us, while heirloom seeds are increasingly not germinating.


Will Chemtrails Conspiracy Poison Us All?

Agenda 21 is Behind the Chemtrails Conspiracy

This is by design. The 10,000 pound gorilla in the room driving all this genocide is UN Agenda 21, a 40 chapter blueprint for population control which I have read in its entirety. The UN officially considers farming and ranching to be “unsustainable” so I would like to see Weston A. Price Foundation join forces with the bipartisan coalition against UN Agenda 21 that has sprung up nationwide.

See this tour de force on the subject by Rosa Koire, founder of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. I attended the Rosa Koire Agenda 21 lecture on the chemtrails conspiracy at University of Western Washington. I believe WAPF should also encourage all members to become plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit against chemtrails (as I am doing). I had rainwater analyzed in a lab to prove that I am being sprayed with numerous toxic chemicals.

Chemtrails are being sprayed by the CIA, (also see this Air Crap article) the Military, the United Nations, and all NATO Countries.

How We Can Combat Chemtrails Conspiracy While Protecting Our Health

Please learn more about this genocide by watching the well researched documentary film “Why in the World Are They Spraying?” Film maker Michael Murphy held a huge conference on the chemtrails conspiracy when this second film of his on this issue premiered in Los Angeles August 17-19, 2012. You can get the DVD’s from this conference to hear all the well informed speakers on the chemtrail issue.

We must join forces to conduct more chemtrail awareness days such as this one held in Mt.Shasta CA. I am organizing two events, one in Bellingham WA and one in Vancouver BC Canada, and welcome other volunteers to help. In Maui, the Maui Sky Watch organization is striving to get a “Clean Sky Ordinance” passed in their county council to stop chemtrails.


Chemtrails Activists Stole this Billboard to Raise Awareness

There are several detox strategies for protecting yourself against the heavy metals being sprayed on us from chemtrails that people can learn about from this website, Sulfur for Health.

John Hammell is a volunteer chapter leader for the Point Roberts, Washington Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Contact John via email: jham at iahf dot com.

This post is part of the Fight Back Friday blog carnival. See more activist posts on


  1. Gayla Prewitt says:

    Very illuminating and scary! Great article. I am ordering the DVD.

  2. Did you mean to link this site instead?

  3. LifeIsAGas says:

    Well, take yer chemtrails, add some Monstanto, some ordinary pollution, GMOs, HAARP and Evil Bush…. I mean, Evil Obama. Then shake well in mix-master, drink down, and you become a wacko whose ideas are so discrediting that nobody will ever take you seriously again. Yeah, mix this up with the organic agriculture, healthy foods and whole milk movement, and nobody will take it seriously. Ever hear the word “disinformation” before?

  4. Kenneth Gardner says:

    Kimberly, Thanks for having the courage to post about this issue. This is threatening our food and our health and our very lives in so many ways. It’s ironic that it’s such a taboo subject and that it takes courage to get the word out, because IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES! Those who can’t “see” it are uninformed, blind, or asleep. I saw some irate posts on Facebook. Honestly, WAPF is for TRUTH SEEKERS, so if these people don’t want the full truth, they can just move on, as far as I am concerned! :o)

  5. Joseph Heckman says:

    Website for further information:

  6. Kimberly Hartke says:

    @Kenneth thanks. @ Joseph thanks. I published this piece because I want to learn more about this subject. I learned quite a bit editing this guest opinion editorial.

    As a blogger who publishes frequent guest content, I am not necessarily endorsing every idea shared, just giving my guests a platform to speak out on subjects they are passionate about.

    I don’t think it is too far fetched that we would have dumping in our skies. After all we have dumping in our water (fluoride), oceans (mercury), dumping on our land (sewage sludge), and dumping in our mountains (nuclear radiation). On several of these issues, namely fluoride and sewage sludge, I have already published guest blogs. is a provocative blog on occasion, which I hope readers will enjoy. I always look at both sides of an issue to make an informed decision, and I encourage my readers to keep an open mind and do the same.

  7. Link Crawford says:

    I certainly believe that the government is at times corrupt. I also believe that short-sighted decisions are made that contaminate our environment. I also believe that secret things are done by entities in our government that are harmful. But I have a difficult time believing that such a widespread conspiracy involving government workers, aircraft engineers, aircraft mechanics, the airline industry, et cetera, could be successful, let alone secret. We usually consider the government as incompetent and unable to accomplish things. To accuse them of this seems to give them more credit than they deserve.

    Do I know for certain it is not happening? No. But I do not believe that it is happening…certainly not on a scale that is being claimed.

    • My friend Dane Wigington was interviewed in both of film maker Michael Murphy’s documentarys about chemtrails: “What in the World Are They Spraying?” and “Why in the World Are they Spraying?” Dane used to work for Bechtel, and is an expert on alternative enegy. He lives in a state of the art solar powered home in Lake Shasta, CA which has been featured as a cover story on magazines devoted to “off grid” living. Dane became aware that 25% less sunlight was reaching his solar array, and at first he could not believe this was being caused by chemtrails, and he remained a skeptic for a full two years, not WANTING to believe something THIS HORRIBLE could ACTUALLY be going on in our world, but he found MOUNTAINS of evidence, including this exhaustive list of patents pertaining to weather modification and geoengineering (chemtrails) attesting to the undeniable FACT that it IS going on- please see
      Please take a very careful look at his site then please take the time to watch both documentary films on chemtrails:
      “What in the World Are They Spraying?” and “Why in the World Are They Spraying?” at these links: and

      Will Thomas is a friend of mine who lives on Hornby Island, BC, Canada. Will is a former US Navy Fighter Pilot, but he resigned his Navy Commission not wanting to go to Vietnam to kill innocent people, and he moved to Canada. He is a Canadian citizen and one of the best human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He was one of the first researchers to report on chemtrails and he wrote this well written book which has immense credibility both because he is a pilot and because he is a top notch videographer, and investigative journalist who cut his teeth in the trade as a reporter for a newspaper in Milwaukee WI years ago , but who has gone on to author numerous well written books including “Chemtrails Confirmed”

      I hope you will match my effort to examine this huge threat to the public health, because if you do, you will be shocked by what you find, but its also important to know that we’re not powerless to protect ourselves in the face of this threat. Please see info at and in my archived e-alerts that I send out to my double opt in list of thousands of people world wide who trust and value my information Sally Fallon and Kimberly Hartke are careful people who never go public on issues without doing their homework because their reputations are at stake. So is mine any time I write anything. I stand 100% behind the information that Kim has published about chemtrails and about UN Agenda 21 on her blog. I urge you to make more of an effort to inform yourself on both complex subjects. One of the best ways you can inform yourself on UN Agenda 21 is by watching this brilliant lecture by Rosa Koire, author of “Behind the Green Mask: Agenda 21” I attended this lecture at University of Western Washington in Bellingham a couple months ago, but you can watch it here on You Tube:
      Please watch this and please alert a lot more people to watch it! All of our lives are in jeopardy due to this UN Genocide Agenda. Please also see Rosa’s Organization “Democrats Against UN Agenda 21” at Its important for everyone to realize that we have a bipartisan movement against Agenda 21, also see and
      Kind Regards,
      John Hammell,
      Chapter Leader- WAPF/ Point Roberts WA
      1-800–333-2553 H&W Pacific or

  8. Really disturbing. Thanks for alerting us to this. Any suggestions on how to go about getting my rainwater tested? Or my blood? Do I ask my doctor to write me a prescription for a test? Or do I just walk into a blood lab and order the test?

    • Hi Nevra- To get your rainwater tested, please see the info here: and also

      To get your blood tested would cost a lot more than to get water tested, and to become a plaintiff in this lawsuit against Chemtrails its not necessary to get your body tested:
      However you could get blood tests for all the heavy metals being sprayed on us if you have the money and can afford it, you can see the list of toxins being sprayed on us in the left margin of this site where you can also find an open letter from the citizens of Ventura County CA to the citizens of whatever state you might live in, and also to the citizens of many other countries that have been reporting chemtrail activity which is being seen in all NATO countries as well as some other countries in the world.
      If you would like a way to protect yourself from the heavy metals being sprayed on us, I sell the world’s best organic sulfur (MSM) at On my site I also have other ideas for detoxing besides my sulfur including zeolite, vitamin C, niacin and other strategies. I am a Naturopath and would be glad to counsel you or anyone else who sees his if you call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time. You can get sulfur by eating all the cruciferous veges such as broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, brussel sprouts, also eggs, garlic, but you can’t get enough sulfur from food alone to chelate all the heavy metals being sprayed on us because we’re being hammered with literally BILLIONS OF POUNDS of toxic heavy metals via the chemtrails which they call “Geoengineering”. Please watch the films I mentioned in a previoius reply on this blog, they will help you more rapidly get your head around this complex issue, and please alert everyone you know because most people are not aware that we are all undergoing massive biological assualt, much less what to do to protect themselves. This spraying is causing a massive increase in Alzheimers, Cancer, Morgellons, Mental Illness, Asthma, Allergies, etc. It is intended to radically cull the human herd. That is the purpose of UN Agenda 21. It is fascinating to me to see that the UN has just removed all mention of UN Agenda 21 from their website, from Google, and even from the waybackmachine which is an archive of the entire web, so you can’t even use that to go back and see what they used to have posted. It really is too late for the globalist bastards to cover their tracks though since we have launched a very effective bipartisan movement Against UN Agenda 21, see details in my last response on this blog. I’d love to have your help to fight back, please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America, especially if you happen to be a member or Chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation. I am a Chapter Leader, and love networking with fellow members and Chapter leaders in this wonderful organization! I am very glad that WAPF is finally taking a serious interest in these issues which I have been striving to call to Sally Fallon’s attention and to Kimberly’s attention for many years.

  9. I just tried the link to UN Agenda 21 and got an error. Do you have the correct link? That would help me think about this information.

  10. I think this should stay out of the WAPF! I will pause before referring others to the WAPF FB page, or offer a disclaimer, because of the “disinformation.” There are plenty of newsworthy topics to publish that involve the poisoning of our bodies due to agricultural drift, persistent pollutants ·even in organic food, etc. It is one thing to think that toxins are being released into the air (which they are via industry, think of what happens when vinyl or coal are burned!) and quite another to believe that there is a plan to control human population and climate change by releasing toxins. If we are not conscience and demand a sustainable way of life, we will simply poison ourselves while believing it was the work of government agents. What a disservice to the food movement to deny climate change and to ignore the massive pollution of this world!!!!

    • Hi Amy- Geoengineering (“Chemtrails”) most unequivocally is NOT “disinformation”. I realize its a horrible thing to think about, but sadly, the United Nations actually DOES have a blueprint for population control called UN Agenda 21, and sadly, Chemtrails (Geoengineering) is very much a PART of their plans. Please take a few minutes to inform yourself better on these issues by spending some time perusing these well informed, and this class action lawsuit to stop geoengineering which I urge you to become a plaintiff in
      I am a Chapter Leader in the Weston A. Price Foundation, and I am also a Naturopath. I can help you detox the heavy metals being sprayed on us if you would like information you can call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W or email me at

  11. @Link Crawford
    “Do I know for certain it is not happening? No. But I do not believe that it is happening…certainly not on a scale that is being claimed.”

    Can I let you into a little secret?
    Actually, it’s a huge secret.
    tPTB fully intend you to remain in blissful ignorance.
    Carry on in your myopic belief… I mean to say isn’t it RIDICULOUS this claim on this Agenda 21 scale?
    Or, why not open the other eye and check John Hammell’s reference to Agenda 21
    He does NOT exaggerate in what he says about Agenda 21… and if you don’t believe John, then read the original doco…. it was written for and published by the UN. It pulls no punches…. in 40 chapters it tells us we are officially doomed AND tells us HOW the end is being engineered.
    But don’t believe the scale of what they promise…. it is too big for small minds.
    I have the greatest trouble with mine too *grin*

    • I was fascinated to see that not only has the UN removed all mention of Agenda 21 from their website, they’ve also had all old links to the info that was on their website scrubbed from Google, and even from the Waybackmachine which is the web archive where normally you can locate stuff even AFTER its been removed from cyberspace!

      In my estimation, the reason the UN has removed this from cyberspace and sent it “down the memory hole” is that the Bilderberg Group and the UN are very worried by the mounting grass roots bi partisan activism against this evil population control agenda! It must have really shaken them to the core when activists in Alabama rammed legislation through their state legislature banning UN Agenda 21 from their state! See Many Americans, especially those on the left have been brainwashed into thinking of the UN as a “good” organization.I am here to tell you of my first hand experience with this evil, genocidal organization: I was kicked off the US Delegation to the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission’s Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use prior to a meeting in Berlin Germany in 2000 due to my efforts to put Dr. Beth Yetley of the FDA under a congressional microscope after I nailed her on video violating US law, attemping to set us up for harmonization to some grossly restrictive UN “standards” that are being foisted off on the world via harmonization of the laws. The UN does not want us having access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range or to the most effective products sold in health food stores because they want us to have weak immune systems so we can be more easily controlled under their hoped for global totalitarian state.
      I can prove everything I’m saying about this and about chemtrails. I have immense credibility world wide as an activist/lobbyist, and am in this documentary film that was narrated by Dame Judi Dench the famous British actress who donated her time to help us make it- see “We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom” Questions? Call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific, or

  12. @Margie, hmm it looks like the document has been removed from the UN website! I even tried googling “official document UN Agenda 21”, I can see the URL pop up (so clearly it used to be there) and now it has disappeared.

    Perhaps watching the Rosa Koire video is the best you can do right now. I also am aware of many anti-Agenda 21 groups so they may have the full document on their websites. I will check.

  13. Some brochures about Agenda 21 can be found here:

    The Agenda 21 full document is the first pdf on this website:

    I have now edited the link in John’s article directing them to the Freedom Advocates page where the document can be found. Thanks for drawing the deadlink to our attention.

    Geoengineering | Environment | The Guardian
    Latest news and comment on Geo-engineering from


    Geoengineering projects around the world – map
    ETC Group has produced a world map of geoengineering that represents the first a attempt to document the expanding scope of research and experimentation in the large-scale manipulation of Earth or climate systems.


    What in the World Are They Spraying by Griffin, Murphy, & Wittenberger – Weston A Price Foundation
    Tim Boyd reviews What in the World Are They Spraying and gives it a thumbs up.


    Aerosol Crimes:


    Published by WAPF, covering the routine use of cloud seeding in USA.

    Elevated silver, barium and strontium in antlers, vegetation and soils sourced from CWD cluster areas: Do Ag/Ba/Sr piezoelectric crystals represent the transmissible pathogenic agent in TSEs?

    Mark Purdey
    High Barn Farm, Elworthy, Taunton, Somerset TA4 3PX, UK
    Received 20 January 2004; accepted 13 February 2004


    High levels of Silver (Ag), Barium (Ba) and Strontium (Sr) and low levels of copper (Cu) have been measured in the antlers, soils and pastures of the deer that are thriving in the chronic wasting disease (CWD) cluster zones in North America in relation to the areas where CWD and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) have not been reported. The elevations of Ag, Ba and Sr were thought to originate from both natural geochemical and artificial pollutant sources stemming from the common practise of aerial spraying with “cloud seeding” Ag or Ba crystal nuclei for rain making in these drought prone areas of North America, the atmospheric spraying with Ba based aerosols for enhancing/refracting radar and radio signal communications as well as the spreading of waste Ba drilling mud from the local oil/gas well industry across pastureland. These metals have subsequently bioconcentrated up the foodchain and into the mammals who are dependent upon the local Cu deficient ecosystems. A dual eco-prerequisite theory is proposed on the aetiology of TSEs which is based upon an Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn replacement binding at the vacant Cu/Zn domains on the cellular prion protein (PrP)/sulphated proteoglycan molecules which impairs the capacities of the brain to protect itself against incoming shockbursts of sound and light energy. Ag/Ba/Sr chelation of free sulphur within the biosystem inhibits the viable synthesis of the sulphur dependent proteoglycans, which results in the overall collapse of the Cu mediated conduction of electric signals along the PrP-proteoglycan signalling pathways; ultimately disrupting GABA type inhibitory currents at the synapses/end plates of the auditory/circadian regulated circuitry, as well as disrupting proteoglycan co-regulation of the growth factor signalling systems which maintain the structural integrity of the nervous system. The resulting Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn based compounds seed piezoelectric crystals which incorporate PrP and ferritin into their structure. These ferrimagnetically ordered crystals multireplicate and choke up the PrP-proteoglycan conduits of electrical conduction throughout the CNS. The second stage of pathogenesis comes into play when the pressure energy from incoming shock bursts of low frequency acoustic waves from low fly jets, explosions, earthquakes, etc. (a key eco-characteristic of TSE cluster environments) are absorbed by the rogue “piezoelectric” crystals, which duly convert the mechanical pressure energy into an electrical energy which accumulates in the crystal-PrP-ferritin aggregates (the fibrils) until a point of “saturation polarization” is reached. Magnetic fields are generated on the crystal surface, which initiate chain reactions of deleterious free radical mediated spongiform neurodegeneration in surrounding tissues. Since Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn based piezoelectric crystals are heat resistant and carry a magnetic field inducing pathogenic capacity, it is proposed that these ferroelectric crystal pollutants represent the transmissible, pathogenic agents that initiate TSE.

  15. Kimberly Hartke says:
  16. Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

  17. Extinction Level Methane Releases Caused by Aerosol Geoengineering (Chemtrails)

  18. I congratulate you for bringing this callous global experiment on humanity and the plant, soil and animmal kingdom, to people’s attention.

    It is symptomatic of an age of extreme militaristic and material obsession that ultimately completely blocks out human emotions and feelings. In other words those who perpetrate such crimes are, in reality, clinically insane.

    But we have to also add to this the fact that its just a tiny percentage of people that are even aware that there is anyting unusual going-on. This in itself is symptomatic of a state of mass hypnotism and extensive covert mind control.
    When I ask people if when they look up at the sky they see anything unusual – the great majority respond “I never look up – I’m too busy”.

    We must realise that humanity has reached an apocalyptic obsesion with self interest when the majority never even look up at the sky anymore.

    Due to the clamp down on any ‘status quo threatning’ mainstream media reporting, It is of the utmost importance that more and more sites like ‘Hartke is Online’ expose the truth – and break the silence which prevails on all that threatens the already deeply wounded sanctity is of life.

  19. Excellent article! Thank you for bringing more attention to this issue! I am glad to see you found my photo via Flickr… unfortunately, it was taken right from my front porch last April. And those were my thoughts exactly, “will this chemtrails conspiracy poision us all?”

  20. Je?eli oczekujesz, ?e powiem ci o strasznych rezultatach zdrowotnych palenia,
    o tym, ?e palacze wydaj? fortun? w toku ca?ego ?ycia na papierosy, ?e jest to obrzydliwy tudzie? straszny na?óg równie? ?e jeste? g?upiec i masz s?ab? wol?, owo musz? ci? rozczarowa?.
    Ta strategia przenigdy mnie nie pomog?a, za? o ile
    mia?a przynie?? ulg? tobie, to aktualnie a?
    do innej pory przesta?by? pali?. Moja metoda, któr? nazywam EASYWAY (ang.
    : banalny metoda – przyp. t?um.) nie dzia?a w konsekwencji.
    Niektóre rzeczy, o których b?d? RzucaniE PaleniA powiedzia?,
    mog? wyda? ci si? ma?o wiarygodne, jednak?e, gdy
    sko?czysz odczytywa? t? lektur?, nie owszem w nie uwierzysz,
    pomimo tego b?dziesz si? dziwowa?, jak mog?e? kiedy tylko rozumowa? inaczej.
    Istnieje fa?szywe przekonanie, ?e sami decydujemy o tym?e, ?e chcemy pali?.
    Palacze w tym samym poziomie decyduj?, ?e chc? by? na?ogowcami, w jakim pijanica postanawia
    si?, ?e chce zosta? alkoholikiem, ewentualnie narkoman, ?e
    chce si? uzale?ni? od chwili heroiny. Prawd? jest,
    i? sami decydujemy, a?eby wzbudzi? zapa? te pierwsze, eksperymentalne papierosy.
    Ja tak?e kiedy niekiedy decyduj? si?, tak aby pój?? a? do kina, pomimo
    tego nie postanowi?em zgoni? ca?ego ?ycia w kinie.
    Zastanów si? z wykorzystaniem przelotnie powy?ej swoim ?yciem.
    Czy kiedykolwiek stwierdzi?e?, i? w niektórych momentach swojego ?ycia nie mo?esz nie
    posiada? si? z rado?ci posi?kiem wzgl?dnie spotkaniem towarzyskim

  21. Fantastic website. Lots of useful information
    here. I’m sending it to some pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you for your sweat!

  22. After posting a H.M. Govt petition “To what countries should we emigrate to breathe clean air, see deep blue skies and feel proper sunshine again?” we had freedom from chemtrails for a few days. Planes didn’t stop flying! The Met office when challenged that they cannot truthfully say we will have blue skies because they cannot predict the chemtrails slam the phone down saying we are imagining it. The BBC faced with the evidence says “There is no evidence.” The pilot who wrote LAST CHANCE over New York couldn’t do that with a con-trail! John Hammell cured me when I thought I was dying after 6 months of agonising abdominal cramps my doctor couldn’t explain. His advice to take MSM cured me within 6 hrs after 6 months agony sleeping in a chair. Some people are just too sceptical for their own good. We ARE being poisoned and the Mt. Shasta soil and water analyses prove it. The dying trees prove it. Regrettably some (like my wife) will never face reality because they are too frightened. Churchill would never have allowed it but our politicians are cringing Satan lovers. Look at the growing evidence for the twin towers and building No. 7 demolition and face reality. The US and the UK govts cannot be trusted not to murder their own people. We have been sprayed with poisons in the UK before and the BBC finally admitted it.

  23. I’ve seen those chem trails for quite some time,and coulden’t help but wonder.i thought to myself and said out loud to any one listening something isen’t right when so much fuel is being wasted by making nonsense patterns in our sky,which led my suspicios mind to wonder, what are they spraying? paranoid? maybe!lit seems when the weather is hot and I call it heavy air when I don’t move at my regular pace, there are a lot more streaks or chem trails in our atmosphere..As of today, the weather is brisk and it has been breezy and I have not noticed any planes flying. very strange.maybe they don’t fly and spray when air conditions don’t help.i certainly don’t agree as to the spraying of chemicals for mosquitos, is anyone on the ground checking to make sure they are all female mosquitos that carry west nile? if so ,and they know where these pesky critters are,why not do ground sprays in that area.besides didn’t this particular type of mosquito come from the mai cong delta or whatever from asia.were they imported here? As I said before maybe I just have a suspicious mind.


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