Osteoporosis Can Be Conquered by Diet


My mother overcame osteoporosis, a common ailment, with the help of better nutrition.

Osteoporosis is Really a Case of Geriatric Rickets

by Philip Ridley

My Mother embarked upon the Weston A. Price Dietary guidelines the last couple of years to treat her osteoporosis, slowly introducing bone broths, sourdough bread, butter, soaking of beans and grains, raw grass-fed Guernsey milk, two Royal Blend high-vitamin butter oil and fermented cod liver oil capsules per day, liver and bacon once a week and an herbal remedy for strong bones. She had always had grass-fed meat, wild fish and fresh vegetables, but lacked the fat-soluble vitamins as a result of following the low-fat diet since it was introduced into Britain in 1983, when skimmed milk first came available.

We had spent the last decade since her diagnosis waiting for the horrid, inevitable broken hip or back bone. Well, she had a bone density test a couple weeks ago, and they no longer wish to see her. Her bones are right at normal for her age after previously being below standard, and I presume that they will continue to strengthen as she continues the right diet. The doctor was amazed and took notes!

She is now busy converting her other female friends who have been diagnosed with this bogus disease which, as I now realize, is actually malnutrition. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that osteoporosis should be renamed “geriatric rickets.” Juvenile rickets causes misshapen bones because the bones are forming, whereas geriatric rickets causes reduced bone density and brittle bones. Using this term will shift the emphasis towards this condition being caused by nutritional deficiencies and a lack of sunshine.

The Problem with Pharmaceutical Approaches to Osteoporosis

My Mother’s recovery occurred during a time when she stopped taking the osteoporosis drugs that are given for free in the UK on the National Health Service (NHS). This was in part due to my lobbying but also a result of the horrid side effects. These drugs operate by inhibiting osteoclasts and stimulating osteoblasts. The former break down old bone cells and the latter build new bone cells. The problem with meddling in this process is that strong bones require the renewal of old bone cells with new bone cells. The drugs therefore increase brittleness and they also do nothing about the malnutrition that causes weak bones in the first place. Women at the final stages of osteoporosis (geriatric rickets) are given an infusion of these toxic drugs directly into the marrow. I have heard from families that this is the most painful osteoporosis treatment.

Calcium tablets are the only nutritional supplement prescribed by the NHS to osteoporosis sufferers, and it simply calcifies the soft tissues in combination with the low-fat diet they promote, which is why bone broth is so superior, because it combines calcium with all the other minerals, along with marrow, which is rich in the fat-soluble vitamins. When people ask, what should I do to strengthen bones and overcome osteoporosis, I say, eat bones! Unfortunately this logic is lost on most of the population.

Low-Fat Diets Created the Osteoporosis Epidemic

Geriatric rickets is becoming a silent, worsening epidemic amongst women because the bone density tests kick in for all at around sixty-five years of age. And, in my opinion, much like the cholesterol benchmarks that lead doctors to prescribe statins, the triggers for bone density treatment are determined by the drug companies to catch the greatest number of customers. Doctors in the NHS also get performance-related pay based on the number of women tested for osteoporosis and the number of women who test negative who are placed on the osteoporosis drugs.

Most women nowadays will, as a result of low-fat diets, suffer low bone density, so a vast number of women are now being put on these toxic drugs, yet they could all be saved anguish if we would only call osteoporosis what it is and treat it accordingly. In addition, routine bone density tests most likely also cause cancer because they use radiation.


Philip Ridley Campaigning for Real Butter

Philip Ridley is a volunteer chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, based in London, United Kingdom. He is a frequent guest blogger for Hartke is Online! See other posts by Phil Ridley.

He also organizes the annual London Wise Traditions conference. He is offering DVD’s of the conferences, one of the 2011, and one of the 2012. They are both available on his chapter’s website: westonaprice.org/london.

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  1. Joseph Heckman says:

    Very interesting article. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing, very helpful. Also, I think the term “geriatric rickets”
    for osteoporosis is right-on. Cheers!

  3. gogardengirl says:

    At age 48 I had my first DEXA and it indicated osteoporosis. The doctor immediately offered to prescribe medication, I told her I would wait to take it, instead inquired why I had this “disease” at such a tender age? She said probably it was hereditary. I went to a rheumatologist with my scans and also inquired about the reason–he said heredity. When I pushed more he agreed to do some bloodwork but told me I was crazy for not taking the medication. Well, my Vitamin D level were abysmal so I began mega doses of Vitamin D, researched and discovered many holistic, dietary and gentle exercise treatments. Thus began my journey into real foods and the healing of my family members and myself. You are right, it is the phamecutical companies that are making these determinations and doctors recieve much of their “education” about treatments from the sales reps. We have to take the bull by the horns and heal ourselves. Thanks for the article. I will share it with others.

  4. I also have osteoporosis and am following the West A Price.org guidelines. I would love to know what herbal preparation she was using too.

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