Killing Sprees Is Crass Entertainment to Blame?


Too much exposure to too much violence. Is it warping vulnerable minds?

A commentary by Kimberly Hartke

Our nation’s crazy ideas about what is healthy and what is not, has led to a national crisis in mental health, particularly amongst young men. I have written two previous posts about the issue, Madness and Violent Behavior: The Food Connection and Is Pellegra the Root Cause of Violent Shooting Rampages?. I honestly believe that our national diet is to blame in setting these children up for mental illness. Our shunning of animal fats in particular, is definitely affecting brain development, and not in a good way. (See Kristin Wartman’s article, The Obesity Paradox — Overfed but Undernourished.)

But today, in the wake of this most recent tragedy, I also want to urge mothers and fathers to keep a watchful eye on the types of entertainment, particularly video games that you allow your children to play with. We all know that technology can be addictive, and that boys are the ones primarily exposed to games which involve killing sprees, for lack of a better description. In these games, the player with the highest body count wins.

Can a Video Killer Produce a Noble Character?

One game even gives players a medal for killing sprees, a Killing Spree Medal.

I once heard the James Dobson interview of serial killer Ted Bundy, who confessed the root cause of his behavior on the eve of his execution. He shared with Dobson that a childhood addiction to pornography, led him into consuming violent porn, which then led him to act out in reality. His violent actions against real human beings led to dozens of deaths. He described his toxic addiction mixed with alcohol abuse, as requiring more and more acting out to get the same satisfaction.

We have seen an escalating in these school shootings of the types of targets these poor sick creatures go after. The most egregious being the young age of the innocents in Newtown.

It is almost as if, in violent video game style, these young shooters are trying to up the ante, to ‘best’ the killers that have gone before. Kind of like going to the next level in a violent video game. A new killing field becomes the reward, the new low their cause of notoriety.

What else is Causing these Killing Sprees?

These killing sprees are also happening with increasing frequency.

And, of course the incessant media coverage, round the clock seems to play right into the sick narrative of the next tortured soul.

Perhaps, we need to consciously curb the media time we will allot to such maladaptive misbehavior. And, spend more time analyzing root causes and lifestyle factors in these cases.

Dr. Peter Breggin is a psychiatrist concerned about the side effects of psychiatric drugs. Please visit his website, Clearly, there is a perfect storm of multiple factors that come into play to cause a nightmare scenario like Newtown.

The U.S. as a culture, needs to come to grips with killing sprees like this, and fast. We can’t afford to keep feeding our children a steady diet of junk food and junk entertainment and expect anything but more of the same.

In case you doubt how our dietary habits can provoke mental illness and violent tendencies, please read Jon Rappaport’s article, Miracle in Wisconsin. This story about how instituting a healthier diet in a school changed children’s behavior is at least a place to start talking. Let’s start with what we can control.

Dietary change is where we can begin anew.

See also, the dietary antidote prescribed by the nutrition education non-profit, Weston A. Price Foundation.

This 20 year old in Connecticut, was so tragically disconnected from family, schoolmates. He lacked close relations with others in his immediate sphere. Yet, this latest in a series of killing sprees has riveted the whole nation. He got our attention. Now what are we going to do about it?

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for nutrition education non-profit, the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is also a featured blogger on the Village Green Network.


  1. Gayla Prewitt says:

    All the information that you share here, really needs to be part of the national disuccsion. Thanks so much for your article.

  2. The prescription psychotropic drugs used today play a major role, maybe THE major role. Whenever the medical history of these shooters is examined, there is a history of the use of such drugs,starting with the two students responsible for the Colorado school shootings some years ago. These drugs do not cure anyone, If they were effectively banned, we might have very few if any shootings like this.

  3. Agree with Bill. People have to get in the system , i.e. do stomehing that gets the attention of law enforcement, before they get treatment. That is just wrong in a society that considers itself highly advanced. Mental illness should not be distinguished from physical illness, imho.The media with all its sensationalism is not helping either the killers become counter-heroes, providing details of killings may inspire other disturbed people to mimic them.And I cannot think of one reason an average American citizen needs to own an assault rifle, can you??


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