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Eating Real Food and Grassfed Meat Is Not Elitist, Just the Right Thing to Do

By Stanley Fishman, Author of Tender Grassfed Meat and Tender Grassfed Barbecue

The real food movement has become a threat to industrial food producers. People are realizing that real food is much better. Industrial food manufacturers are trying to demonize real food and the people who eat it. They claim:

1. All food is the same. Industrial food is the same as organic food.

2. Eating clean, naturally raised food, including grassfed meat, organic produce, and avoiding GMOs, pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics, is snooty, snobby, elitist, undemocratic, and unfair.

This campaign includes flawed studies that claim all food is the same, and getting celebrities, scientists, media outlets, and TV doctors to claim that eating real food is for the “one percent.”

The truth is that real food, designed by nature, is much better than industrial food, designed for profit.

Real food is not just for the one percent. It is for everybody.

Real Food Is Much Better than Industrial Food


Tomato Lamb Kabobs

Real food, the unmodified food of humankind, designed by nature, is easy to digest, full of the complete spectrum of nutrients we need.

Industrial foods, which depend on chemicals, are not natural to us, and far less nutritious.

This is a huge subject, and much has been written on it. In summary, real food is the food that humankind has eaten since the beginning of history, raised in accordance with the laws of nature, containing a full complement of nature’s nutrients.

Conventional or industrial food is designed for the quick buck and short term profit. Shelf life is the goal. This food is often heavily processed, containing artificial chemicals. It is very different than the natural food enjoyed by humans for most of history.

Ordinary People Eat Real Food, and Thrive

Factory food was created in the twentieth century. Nearly all of the food eaten by humanity for almost all of history was real food. Does that make almost everyone who ever lived “elitist”? Of course not.

I know people who avoid GMOs, pesticides and chemicals, eat only grassfed meat, and only eat real food. Many are short of money. Some would be considered “poor.” Yet they make good food a priority, and find a way to afford it.

Small Farms Need Your Support to Multiply

Small Farms Need Your Support to Multiply

They may not have the fancy house, the new car, the designer clothes, the latest electronic toys. But they eat the real unmodified foods of our ancestors. Though they are not rich in money, they are rich. Rich in the food they eat, which provides great nutrition and supports the natural functions of their bodies in a way that factory produced industrial food never does.

There are prosperous people who only eat real food, and avoid pesticides, chemicals, and GMOs. They do it because they want themselves and their families to enjoy the blessings of great nutrition and the health it brings.

Nobody in the real food movement want to restrict the availability of the food they eat. We want everyone to enjoy real food and its benefits.

The people I know in the Weston A. Price Foundation, which is devoted to promoting the use of traditional, real food, are some of the most loving, giving, kind, generous people I have ever met, whose only motivation is to help others.

Industrial food snobs and elitists are always trying to have things most people will never be able to have, so they can feel superior and privileged. The people in the real food movement want everyone to enjoy the blessings of real food.

Eating real food is the right thing to do.

Stanley-Fishman Stan Fishman is the author of Tender Grassfed Meat. His book describes in detail how to cook grassfed beef, grassfed bison, and grassfed lamb. The book follows the nutritional principles of Dr. Weston A. Price, and uses only the best natural ingredients. The book can be purchased through Follow Stanley’s blog at

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