Vernon Hershberger, Max Kane, and Liz Reitzig Stand for Food Freedom

Let the World Know You Believe in Raw Milk!

by Liz Reitzig and Kimberly Hartke

Calling all raw milk activists, believers, food freedom folks! Join the Farm Food Freedom Coalition for Grow Your Food Freedom–a week of celebration, education, and support for beloved farmer, Vernon Hershberger and our raw milk rights. Liz Reitzig and a team of volunteers have organized an AMAZING line-up of speakers coming to Baraboo to stand strong with Vernon!

There is no state in the union that outlaws drinking raw milk. The way the government denies access is by controlling farmers with regulations. Vernon is on trial because his private contract with his customers enabled him to have a growing farm business outside of conventional retail channels and beyond government oversight. This is a case where the government is trespassing on these citizens’ right to forge a private contract to procure their food of choice.

Members of clubs like Vernon’s around the country have looked at the government dietary guidelines and food safety regulations and found them wanting. So, they have established their own standards, safety protocols, and are deliberately electing to forgo the protection of the state. They are ‘opting out’, if you will, of the conventional food supply.

Vernon Hershberger is a test case. By standing against the government’s attempt to control or regulate his farm, he thrusts this issue before the court. His verdict will either acknowledge our constitutional right to private contracts, or it will put a man of integrity and father of 10 children behind bars.

You are  invited to be a “witness” for the defense of Vernon Hershberger and raw milk freedom!

Schedule for Grow Your Food Freedom Events

Each day of Vernon’s criminal trial, a lunch catered by Chipotle and a catered dinner featuring local foods and drink will take place in the Al Ringling theater across the street from the courthouse. Lunch and dinner will have a cost but the proceeds are going to Vernon and other local food efforts. Each day will also feature a brief recap of the trial and special guest speakers. Monday, for instance, Mark McAfee and Michael Badnarik will speak followed by a screening of Farmageddon.

Joel Salatin, Famous Farmer

Joel Salatin, Famous Farmer

On Tuesday, Ajna Sharma-Wilson,attorney from CA who worked with Rawesome, Deborah Evans from Maine, Mark Baker from MI and Alvin Schlangen from MN will discuss challenges and successes in the food freedom movement. They will be followed by a debate on legalization vs decriminalization of raw milk. That will be followed by a discussion of food sharing structures, e.g. food clubs, coops, herd shares etc.

Wednesday will feature Cornucopia Institute Founder, Mark Kastel who will be leading a discussion on “the bigger picture of food” including GMOs, getting a consumer base active and involved and that will be followed by a screening of Jeffrey Smith’s GMO expose, Genetic Roulette.

Thursday Joel Salatin from VA and Eustace Conway from Turtle Island Preserve in NC will lead a discussion on food and farming freedom. Then,  journalist and blogger, David Gumpert will celebrate the first day of his new book, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Food Rights. David will speak about his book and do a book signing. This will be followed by a screening of the movie Reconvergence, featuring Eustace and his 1000 acre heritage living preserve in the mountains of NC(Eustace is also featured in a History channel show about Mountain men).

Friday is the last day and participants will have lunch in the theater but not supper. The group will gather for a “prayer walk” in the nearby park and to share raw milk brought to town from supporters around the country (assuming the weather cooperates).

See the Grow Your Food Freedom facebook event for details and to express your interest in attending. The event link has the alert, and details for donations and how to reserve a room for any portion of the week!

Help us get the word out about this historic event. Show the world you care about farm and food freedom! Please share!!!

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Campaign for Real Milk, a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Liz Reitzig is one of the  founders of The Farm Food Freedom Coalition.