Vernon Hershberger Farm Member Speaks Out for Raw Milk Freedom


Joy Martinson Speaks Out on Raw Milk

Raw Milk Should be Just as Available as Processed Foods, Tobacco and Alcohol

Guest blog by Joy Martinson

Poor health reduced me, literally, to a nonfunctioning being. In excruciating pain, I lay in bed praying to die. Conventional doctors could find nothing wrong – their only remedy being antidepressants which I chose not to take. I changed my diet to include only raw foods. I have improved healthfully every single day and I now enjoy a full and rewarding life.

I am an informed consumer and I choose to obtain healthy food directly from the farmer without government intervention. I am a member of the private food co-op located at the Vernon Hershberger farm in Loganville. He and his family house, feed and take loving care of our animals. They gather the eggs, milk the cows and perform all farm tasks on our behalf and we compensate them for this service when we pick up our food.  Unfortunately, there are those who believe it is their right to prevent me from acquiring the foods that are responsible for my return to good health. And yet, I fully support those who wish to choose processed foods, tobacco, alcohol, etc. – all under the control of a government who claims to be looking out for our best interests.

We will never be in agreement, but we can certainly co-exist.

Raw food is the food my creator has provided to fuel my body. There are no creatures on this earth who are required to adulterate their food in order to thrive. I have complete faith that God-given foods (in the form which He created) are safe and I have absolutely no fear when consuming same.

As with all food products, one needs to be familiar with the source to know that the food is being raised in a natural, healthy and uncontaminated manner.  With raw milk in particular, we only need to look at the human example to understand the difference between safe and unsafe.  A healthy mom, eating a nutritious diet, provides the perfect food for her newborn, her breast milk.  Whereas, a child feeding on the breast milk of a drug-addicted mother will not flourish.

So when that huge conglomerate known as our “dairy industry” spouts of the dangers of raw milk, I agree wholeheartedly.  THEIR raw milk CAN KILL YOU.  If mega-farm raw milk were to become available for my purchase, I wouldn’t go near it, nor should anyone else.  It is no longer, in any way, shape or form, a God-given food.  It has been adulterated by human greed.

I do not pretend to have superior knowledge of raw milk. I have no sort of higher education or accreditation. I cannot spout statistics or speak of this study or that. What I do have is my life experiences. And I listen carefully as other individuals relate their experiences. From this, I have learned much. I have learned that my friends and acquaintances do not have agendas. They are not being influenced by an entity that has huge financial gains at stake and an endless stream of dollars to make certain the outcome continues to fuel their coffers.

Thank you, Vernon, for fighting this battle on behalf of us all.

Joy Martinson is a 58 year old woman who grew up in Mt. Horeb, WI, and resides there currently.  Single, no children, one dog (named Sushi).  Work as a caregiver, helping to keep clients (elderly and persons with disabilities) living in their own homes. 


  1. Kimberly Hartke says:

    There will be a major event to support Vernon Hershberger as he faces the discordant music of a criminal trial for doing so much good in the world.

    See details on this facebook event link:

  2. Once people learn how to invoke and use common law [court of record] there won’t be so many problems. It’s about the only solution. Sooner, rather than later, the “food police” will leave people alone when they learn that they can lose their job, house, and other assets when we file a claim against them in a court of record. I don’t know why Vernon is staying in Administrative court jurisdiction. If he invoked common law he’d be done already.

  3. J Heckman says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Greg Griffin says:

    Your story is amazing Joy. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve been doing, particularly with Vernon’s upcoming trial. Love!

  5. Great testimony for Vernon. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much for your testimony. Real food heals, as so many of us have found out.

    Sick people make money for the food industry, the medical industry, and the drug companies.

    I think that is the real reason that Vernon and others who give us the blessings of raw milk and other real food are being persecuted.

    There is no conceivable reason to keep us from being able to get and consume the food of our choice, especially in a nation that boasts of its freedom.

  7. A. Martin says:

    Listen to Episode #9 of the Food Rights Hour podcast with host Kimberly Hartke, all about the upcoming Vernon Hershberger trial:

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