Campaign for Real Milk Hits Chicago


Chicago Hosts Lecture

Local Foodies Present Timely Discussion on Raw Milk

by Kimberly Hartke

The Illinois Department of Public Health Workgroup on Raw Milk is doing some amazing work. To support their efforts to expand access to this healthy food, I will be giving a powerpoint lecture on Wednesday, August 7 in Chicago. See Chicago Real Deal about Raw Milk downloadable flyer.

There is a food tug of war going on, with the FDA, CDC, on one side, and farmers, foodies, moms and raw milk activists on the other. The government says raw milk is inherently dangerous, while moms claim that raw milk is healing their children safely all over the world. This dietary disagreement is leaving a lot of people confused about what to believe and whom to trust on the subject.



As the debate over raw milk heats up nationally, the Illinois Department of Public Health considers regulations on raw milk, local foodies are hosting a forum for public education on the topic. As a blogger about food, farming and food politics, I will be giving a presentation in Chicago on August 7 2013 at 7:00pm entitled “The Real Deal About Raw Milk.” The evening lecture and food tasting will be at the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church 2608 N Kedzie Blvd Chicago IL 60647. The lecture will be an educational experience for both raw milk devotees and those curious to learn both sides of the issue. I will discuss the controversy, food politics surrounding the issue, while also sharing true-life experiences of the healing properties of fresh milk.

Other topics of discussion:

* What’s in a glass of Milk?

* Controversy and Food Politics of Fresh Milk

* Why Farm Fresh Milk is an Important Food Trend

* How Traditional Dairying Benefits Rural Economies

* Real Life Healing Stories with Raw Dairy

“I am curious to learn the history of raw milk, why it was banned and what are the current choices surrounding milk. I’m also eager to connect with other moms who are interested in food in general. This evening looks like a promising place to connect with other local foodies,” says Renee Renz, mother of 2 and organizer of the meet-up group.

The lecture is sponsored by the Greater Chicago Area Whole Food Nutrition Meetup Group and, a food matching social media website that allows you to state your preference for unprocessed dairy products. For more details on the raw milk issue, visit

To attend the event, sign up for the meetup group (it’s free, then RSVP, see details: )

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for A Campaign for Real Milk.


  1. Can’t wait to hear your talk. Will try to tell people in Chicago


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