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a podcast on health, wellness and food politics

a podcast on health, wellness and food politics

Since November of 2008, The Weston A. Price Foundation has been sounding the alarm about the prison soy diet and its toxic effects on human health. The nutrition education non-profit is now suing the state of Illinois, on behalf of several prison inmates. The prison soy lawsuit is an attempt to get a cease and desist of the overfeeding of soy protein isolate to all prisoners in Illinois.

In this show, you’ll hear directly from former inmates and their concerned family members. Prison conditions can make or break the attempted rehabilitation of criminals and other unfortunates that end up behind bars. You’ll hear claims in this episode that serious, long term health damage is being done by this diet.

Most prisoners subject to this diet will be getting out of prison someday. They deserve to restart their life and go in a new positive direction. How will that be possible if they have been mistreated by inadequate and possibly damaging nutrition? Furthermore, soy is being touted as a health food and weight loss aid. Even though it is a leading food allergen, it is being heavily marketed to schools, hospitals and families as a better choice. This prison soy lawsuit is a clanging bell of warning to the entire population about pitfalls of a high soy diet.

Veteran News Anchor, Dennis Crowley is the host of this episode.

Learn More about the Prison Soy Diet

See WAPF press releases on the prison soy case:

Experts Denounce High Soy Diet of Prisoners

Budget Shortfalls Hit Illinois Prison Diet

What You Can Do to Help!

The prison soy diet is sickening inmates.  No matter their crime, they are still someone’s loved one. Some have even been wrongfully imprisoned. Regardless, they deserve a nutritious and life sustaining diet. Just imagine if you were behind bars, you should have three meals a day to look forward to, as a highlight of your day. Except now, some prison systems are dishing up a disappointing excuse for a meal! We need to investigate the health outcomes of this radical change in diet and change it, for the sake of these prisoners and their families.

Humane treatment of inmates is required of a civil society. We need to raise our voices on this mistreatment of those less fortunate, and yes, even those who have dreadfully done wrong.

Become an activist on this important subject. Share the WAPF Soy Alert brochure with others. Write the politicians, prison officials and your Governor. This post has sample letters to send to your public officials to protest the diet:

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Soy Prison Diet for Illinois Prisoners

Educate yourself. Please see also the other HartkeisOnline articles and videos on this prison soy diet.

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