US Heathful Food Council Awards Real Food Innovators

Jordan Wright on her Whisk and Quill blog dishes on a new awards program sponsored by a group devoted to promoting healthy, sustainable food. The US Healthful Food Council sounds like something we can all get behind.Like-Real-Food-button

Fortessa’s Executive Vice President of Commercial Foodservice, Matthew Broad,  was one of the guests at the recent awards ceremony. He said,

“We respect Lawrence [Williams] and what the foundation is all about.  He is promoting healthy lifestyle, sustainable farming, local businesses, non-governmental regulation and what people try to assertively attain.  We like to associate ourselves with USHFC because we share their goals and values.”

A new smart phone app was debuted at the event by Environmental Working Group.

“During the reception we tried out the Food Database app from the non-profit Environmental Working Group.  They have identified over 80,000 products and 1,500 brands scannable with your smart phone that will tell you if they contain any additives, preservatives, chemicals or contaminants.  We tried it out on a few products (one was even labeled “organic”!) only to find it contained pesticides.  It’s still in test mode but sign up at to be the first to use it.”

Read the scoop about the US Healthful Food Council award winners and the EWG App on her blog Real Food Innovators Award Gala.

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation, which educates about the vital importance of nutrient dense foods, healthy farming methods,  and local farm direct trade.


  1. I am a bit suspicious of an organization that gives awards to a person
    that is president of a company (Honest Tea) that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coca Cola!

    Several years ago, when GT’s and then other brands of kombucha were suddenly pulled from store shelves, Honest Kombucha appeared.

    I bought a bottle and upon having one sip, began to feel strange. I started doing my research and discovered that High Country Kombucha
    from Colorado was making the kombucha tea for them.

    I was told by High Country–and this is the scary part–that Coca Cola would come in to their facility with their “flavorings” and finish the kombucha bottling process.

    I’ve been eating natural foods for 42 years, and when something is
    not right with food, my body knows it! Something is definitely not right
    with Honest Tea/Honest Kombucha.


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