Center for Safer Wireless Holds Fundraiser

Official DVD Cover

Official DVD Cover

Film Screening to Raise Awareness

by Kimberly Hartke

The Washington, D.C. based nonprofit, Center for Safer Wireless ( ) is holding a film screening and fundraiser. This organization is working on raising awareness of the dangers of wireless radiation, which is an worthwhile endeavor in this wireless age.

On their website, you will find great information about cell phone safety, and why smart meters installed by utility companies pose very real hazards to your health and personal safety.

The fundraiser is Friday, June 6, 7-9pm, in Arlington, VA, at the Virginia Hospital Center. During the event, you will learn more about this issue from the film, Resonance, Beings of Frequency.

See the Film Trailer

This award winning documentary will help you educate yourself and others. The general public is invited to this fundraiser, so please come and bring friends. Plus, the organizers would love your help to promote this event. Please share this post in facebook or by email!

See Flyer for More Details

Flyer - Center for Safer Wireless Fundraiser

Flyer – Center for Safer Wireless Fundraiser

If you want to learn more about wireless safety and how to protect your health, while saving energy, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the activists who are devoted to providing good information about this issue.

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