Child’s Rap Video Says Vote No on Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana Edible Candy is Tempting to Children

In Colorado, as people and companies rush to capitalize on commercial legalization of marijuana, slick marketing of pot “edibles” pose a danger to children.

This week in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. the City Council held a public hearing on commercialization of marijuana. And, in Maryland, a shipment of pot edibles were seized by law enforcement. Candy and cookies laced with marijuana and packaged in colorful packages will always be tempting to children and should be banned.

See this Rap Video

Please vote No on Marijuana Legalization. Various initiatives will be on the ballot in Oregon, Alaska, Florida and Washington, D.C. this Tuesday.


Video produced by Two is Enough, D.C. See TieDC2014 for more information on the D.C. Vote NO on 71.


  1. Cannabis is harmless, even to children. In 5000 years of recorded history, there has never been an overdose or death. Not even a child. Zero. In fact, last year in California, a 3yo got into his grandmother’s Cannabis cookies and ate them all. He slept for 10 hours. No other side effects. Cannabis is a harmless medicinal herb, nothing more. What is your evidence it is dangerous?

  2. Right, so all kids in the Netherlands (where marijuana has been legalised since god knows when) eat marijuana edibles all the time and all become psychotic or depressed because of it..? Also, researchers are still not certain about the link between marijuana and psychosis/depression and many can’t find any link whatsoever. I was raised in the Netherlands and never confronted with pot until I wanted to know more about it myself. I know a lot of people my age (27) that have never smoked or consumed anything with marijuana in it. If people are reckless about hiding these edibles (so kids can’t find them), they should be blamed themselves, not the legalisation of marijuana.

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