Marijuana Candy – Can You See the DANGER?

NBC News Reveals Edible Pot Candies Endanger Children

Four thousand children have ended up in emergency rooms across the country from high potency THC laced candies. Candy pot is identical to the confections sold in stores nationwide which can lead to accidentally ingesting this potent drug. It is being exported from “pot legal” states like California and Colorado to all 50 states. These psychoactive drug-laced treats can cause seizures, hallucinations, loss of consciousness. They contain THC concentrate, which is incredibly powerful, upwards of 96% potency. USA Today reported on one such shipment, which was seized in Maryland by authorities.

The video below from a recent NBC newscast shows the similarity to popular sweets, which makes it very difficult for children and adults to distinguish the ones which are injected with THC.

See the recent NBC news story on danger of marijuana edibles in the video clip, below.

Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, as it is a controlled substance and deemed to have no medicinal use.

For adults who use edibles, they are also at risk. Here is a story mentioning several deaths, one a murder, after adults indulged in a pot “treat.” See this article, New Concerns about Marijuana Edibles.

Kimberly Hartke is publicist for Parents Opposed to Pot, see for more information on the health hazards of marijuana, particularly to our youth.