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Rocket Oven is Taking Off!


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Some of you may remember my post about the rocket mass heater inspired by Permaculture tribe leader, Paul Wheaton.

It is a clean energy masterpiece of engineering and something that can be built with basic handyman skills and a little instruction.

Paul is the founder of Permies.com the largest internet website and gathering place for all things permaculture and homesteading.

The Rocket Oven

Well, Paul and his crew are at it again, and preparing a set of instructional videos on how to build a rocket oven!

The rocket technology uses very little fuel (twigs and branches suffice) and burns so clean there is virtually no air pollution.

For those of you who want to be off the grid, eco-concious, zero footprint, etc. this is the DIY project for you!

Can you imagine growing your own food (or buying it from a farmer you know and trust) and cooking it in your own hand-built backyard oven?

Well that is exactly what Paul Wheaton’s new educational project is all about.

His mission is to help you become not only self sufficient but energy efficient!

He brought the efforts of two engineers together to come up with the best way to build this cool oven. And now he is making the videos to help you build your own.

The wood box that heats the oven filled with sticks.


Click here to see the wildly successful Kickstarter Paul is wrapping up this Thursday. Get in while the getting is good!

Paul Wheaton

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