HartkeisOnline Takes a Turn Toward Natural Beauty

You can’t believe the hair problems I’ve had! It is the major cause of something I’ll coin “appearance insecurity”. So I have decided to work on my weakness and focus on learning more about hair. My hair is fine, limp, frizzy, with a natural wave that is very quirky. I always seem to be growing it out, or cutting it shorter, never quite sure the right style or length. So frustrating! Right now I am trying to go back to my natural color after a number of years highlighting and coloring with chemicals (at the beauty shop, of course.) So I have a two tone look which I have just learned from Pinterest is “on trend” so maybe I am not alone in my constant state of hair flux.

Another health and wellness blogger introduced me this summer to the MONAT-We are Modern Nature haircare products. I am already feeling better about how I look, and my husband is also using the products and getting compliments like, “Your hair has never looked this good, what are you doing?” And that was from his older brother who works in the same office and known him his whole life! I am now a Market Partner with MONAT and eager to share these natural, non-toxic products with others. Maybe I can solve the hair issues others are facing!?

So, I am starting an online support group in the Facebook.com community called Great Hair, Naturally. Would love to invite you to Like the page and also join our corresponding Great Hair, Naturally community where we can exchange ideas and support each other as we move toward conquering pesky hair issues!

If you are great with hair, have it knocked or dialed, please please LIKE the page and post your tips and advice. I know the other hair strugglers, like myself will appreciate it!

If you live in the DC metro area, perhaps you’d also like to attend the Launch Party for my new business. It is called Beauty, Berries and Bagels and will be held Saturday morning, September 29, 2018. Click Here to Get a Free Ticket on Eventbrite!

Kimberly Hartke is homemaker, a MONAT market partner, and a health and wellness blogger.