Yesterday, the Weston A. Price Foundation sponsored a gathering hosted by Joel Salatin on his Virginia Farm. Here are my photos and observations about the event.

Holistic Hilda, whose Wise Traditions podcast is now over 4 million downloads, led off the event by talking about a simple formula for health and wellness that each individual can implement. Wellness is possible if we take the time to get enough Sun-Sleep-Shivers-Sustenance-Spirit! Her charming presentation was memorable and so simple even for the children to the audience to understand and implement!

Sun means get daily exposure to the sanitizing and vitamin D producing rays of the sun. Sleep is making sure to get adequate rest, and she recommended reducing screen time, especially right before bedtime. Shivers means to get more exposure to cold temperatures, like taking a walk outside in shorts, or jumping in a cold shower regularly. Humans were meant to tolerate extremes of temperature, unlike modern air conditioned comfort. Sustenance refers to nourishing your body with food for energy and the building blocks of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And, Spirit, she explained was for nurturing love, forgiveness and a positive connection to God and others.

We then met Mike Dickson, The Fit Farmer, a fellow who left his body building career path for homesteading and farming. He has a popular YouTube Channel with 91,000 followers. Hilda interviewed him on stage about his journey. I highly recommend following his podcast which now has over 500 videos!

Sally Fallon Morell, founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation spoke on the thesis of her new book, co-authored with Dr. Tom Cowan, The Contagion Myth-Why Viruses (Including Corona Virus) are Not the Cause of Disease. The gist of it is, that the authors believe that disease is not contagious, but ‘caught’ by humans when they are exposed to filth, toxins, and electromagnetic pollution, such as the new 5G technology currently being rolled out. The weak among us are more susceptible to such assaults on health, which is evident in the wave of illness we are living through.

The Weston A. Price Wise Traditions Conference was cancelled this year because of the virus scare. At the first conference I ever attended, Dr. Tom Cowan explained the controversy over the germ theory vs. the terrain theory. So this new book is very consistent with the paradigm that the foundation has always taught. Proper nutrition and a clean, non toxic environment is essential to avoiding and overcoming disease. For this reason, members of the foundation are not likely to succumb to the scare tactics of the media and public health officials.

Joel Salatin spoke about serious animal disease outbreaks on his farm over the years, all of them resolved by improving sanitation and nutrition. None of them actually proving to be contagious, as it initially appeared. This speech following after Sally’s presentation of her views, definitely seemed to give credence to her postulate, that no diseases are contagious.

The day ended with a fascinating talk by Del Bigtree of Highwire Productions about his personal journey to producing documentaries about the vaccine issue and a leading voice on science and alternative health.

Videos of these talks will soon be available on the Weston Price Foundations YouTube Channel, so definitely spend a day watching them, in order! The layers of wisdom from all these speakers was a powerful antidote to the contagion of fear being spread through out our world, today.

Joel Salatin’s chickens spend the winter indoors in a very sanitary environment.
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