A new paradigm for wellness

Scientist Louis Pasteur is known as the proponent of the “germ theory”. His contemporary and scientific rival, Antoine Bechamp proposed an alternative concept of disease. He said, “germs seek their natural habitat, diseased tissue, rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.” His theory is called the “terrain theory.”

Looking through Bechamp’s lense, we can regain power over our health, by tending to our bodily terrain, and making it inhospitable to disease.

It’s all about nutrition, oxygen and hydration.

I learned about the importance of hydration when I forgot to water a potted plant on my back deck. It withered and wilted and became the target of pests and mold.

Our body’s immune system can be compared to a backyard grill. The nutrients you feed your body are the coals, the energy that makes your body run. The flames are possible because of the oxygen you supply them. The more oxygen, the higher the flames.  And your grillmaster probably squirts water on the fire to keep it from getting too hot.

Here are few good health tips:

Practice deep breathing daily, especially when outside in the fresh air. Oxygen is very important to proper healthy function of our cells.

A deep breath is one that comes in through your nose or mouth and travels all the way down to your diaphragm and then back out again. Standing up while you do it can help. Try this now.

Your entire breathing cycle is important. When you breathe in you supply oxygen to your cells. When you breathe out, known as exhaling –your body releases carbon dioxide and detoxifies your body.

Let’s talk now about nutrients.

 Supplements Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C build immunity, and elderberry syrup is a potent anti-viral which can be used preventatively during cold and flu season. My friends at Activator Essentials sell an awesome supplement that contains D3, Vitamin C and Zinc.

Zinc is an important mineral salt for human health. One major function of zinc is to boost the body’s immunity and fight viruses. Studies and lab tests show that zinc can block the replication and growth of viruses in the body. Dietary sources of zinc are lamb, oysters, crab and lobster, chicken, beans (especially garbanzo beans) and eggs.

Chase these high zinc foods down with a drink of tonic water and a lime. The quinine in tonic water facilitates the uptake of zinc into your cells!

My family drinks raw milk, which is rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and K. A farmer once told me that the first milk a baby calf takes from the momma cow plants their immune system. Drinking farm fresh milk is like giving your body a secondary immune system.

Build the fire of immunity with proper nutrition and plenty of fluids and a good supply of oxygen. The flames will power your day and burn off the bad bacteria and viral invaders that don’t belong in your body. Take heart and take your health into your own hands. Nourish, quench and breathe deeply for radiant health.


Kimberly Hartke is a blogger who likes to share ideas for a better life.