Gone to Suicide: A Mom’s Truth on Heartbreak, Transformation, and Prevention by Ann Clark

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Marijuana Psychosis is a Causal Factor in Suicide

Ann Clark’s book is eye-opening. It is very timely, as we see the skyrocketing suicide rates across the U.S. I can’t even count the number of tragic suicide deaths that have come across my news feed. As someone who has numerous nieces and nephews of college age, it is critical that we get out the warning that cannabis, especially high potency edibles, dabs and waxes are detrimental to mental health and can even kill.

Ann Clark lost her only son at age 17 due to marijuana-related psychosis and subsequent suicide. Because of the overwhelming positive propaganda force fed to the public, even the Clark family doctor scoffed at the idea that marijuana caused a psychotic break. If only he looked at the science before he spoke.

This book is an intimate look at the aftermath of suicide and an expose of the biggest frauds in American history–medical marijuana and ‘harmless’ (sic) recreational use of cannabis/THC. It also delves into the current science demonstrating the dangers of this unpredictable drug.

Highly recommended for the medical community who are as influenced as the rest of the public by the media ‘puff pieces’ lauding pot as the new wonder drug.

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