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Dog Yeast Problem? Fix it with Nutrition

Odie, our Laborador, Loved in Spite of the Smell

“Odor” the Black Labrador Retriever’s Story

Part 1 of 2 posts

by Guest Blogger, Jeff Schreibman

Our family solved a a stinky pet problem by a change of diet. Turns our our dog yeast problem was super simple to fix with a home remedy -homemade pet food!

We adopted Odie,a 70 pound black lab, over a year old who was found roaming a rural neighborhood in MD. We assume that he basically wandered from his home and got lost because he is a very solid and good looking animal, with lots of lab breed in him. He was the most friendly and sweet dog ever, my wife Jenny instantly fell in love with him also he had long hair and smelled terrible! The rescue group said he probably was in the woods for months surviving eating whatever he could find.

We gave him a really good bath and yet still he had a slight odor. We attributed some of it to the fact that he had thick hair and he swims in a natural lake 50-60 days a year :), and it could cause the smell. But still it would be there after we bathed him. It was on and off, but often stronger after he ate, to be honest.

Note, that we started him on excellent food from the local pet store, $50 a bag, recommended by friends, as well.

How we discovered Odie had the dog yeast problem

The last straw happened when my father-in-law starting calling our beloved black lab, ‘Odor’. It was so fitting that I realized we had to try even more alternative means to attack this issue. I learned about the dog yeast problem online and it seemed to be very logical that his nutrition could be the major factor in the dog yeast problem.

It was time for a all natural diet, no more simple carbohydrates or genetically modified foods/ingredients.

So for the past 6 months Ive been making him the following recipe of dog food and his smell has COMPLETELY gone away. Not only that, he has lost weight and gained muscle mass in his chest. There is no doubt he has more energy for better, or for worse. 🙂

His stool is much smaller and he needs to go less often.

It’s just shocking, but I’m pretty sure the yeast was feeding off of the other dog food and we were able to starve out the yeast and the bad smell. Does your dog stink? Does he have other health issues? Perhaps a dog yeast problem is the cause!

Because we have a 2 year old daughter, we weren’t comfortable serving him raw meat, so we cook the food then store it. I think it would be even better nutritionally (and a lot easier to prepare) to serve your animal the raw version of this recipe, just be careful to freeze backup food and use common sense when serving raw meat. See a previous Hartke is Online! story of how a cat with health problems blossomed on a Raw Food Diet Benefits Pets.

See today’s related post Homemade Dog Food Recipe to see what we fed our dog. Hint: see photos below! And, you won’t believe the ‘secret’ ingredient that put pro-biotics into the mix!

Three Simple Ingredients Solved our Pesky Dog Yeast Problem!

 Jeff Schreibman, is the owner of Reston Tech Wiz who helps companies with SEO and Google Ad Words to increase their online presence. Jeff is Hartke is Online’s Tech Wiz!

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  1. I have had my dog on this diet for 3 weeks now. He has a severe yeast infection and while I’m sure it will take time to get rid of, I was wondering how long it will take to see some positive differences? My dog is skinny and lost almost all fur due to his yeast infection and this diet is my last hope. Any information would be great.


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