Thumbs Up for Organic School Lunch

“Children’s diets today are over sugared, processed, refined, genetically engineered, artificially colored and flavored, leading to a weakening of the immune system,” explains Vanessa Ruddy in her video….

Vote for Change! is taking a survey of ideas, the winning ideas will be presented to the Obama Administration as suggested policy changes. Please register on the site and vote…

A Grassroots Movement for Sustainable Agriculture

Farmers, writers, chefs, consumers are uniting to promote a new food policy in America, one that promotes sustainable agriculture, and moves us away from dependence on foreign oil

Mount Vernon Farm presents A Farmers Market that Comes to You

Local Flavor–A Real Treat! A Farmers Market that delivers to your door? Yes, Northern Virginia, you can buy direct from local farmers without shlepping down to the farmers market! Local Flavors, founded by Mount Vernon Farms of Sperryville, is an innovative new business which brings farm fresh grass-fed meats, eggs, produce, and even fair trade […]

A Letter to Our President-Elect from Michael Pollan

Farmer in Chief Here is a brilliant letter to our President-Elect, written by Michael Pollan. This letter articulates the goals of the Organic Consumers, and the rest of us who want to see a vibrant new farm economy grow and replace our current food system. Tweet