Minnesota Milkman Hartmann Suffers Seizure of Truck and Products

Minnesota Department of Agriculture turns a deaf ear to raw milk consumers, and persecutes Minnesota milkman Hartmann who bravely seeks to serve families in need of nutrient dense foods.

Win a Save Your Bacon Weekend!

The annual FTCLDF FundRaiser on Polyface Farm, has blown up into a full Weekend of Fun and Fabulous Food!

Pig Farmer Mark Baker Needs Your Help!

Stand with Mark Baker! The state of Michigan has turned against its own citizens and is threatening the livelihoods of many who are living off the land.

Save Eastleigh Farm Raw Dairy from Development

The last remaining open green space in Framingham, Mass, is a beloved raw dairy, Eastleigh Farm. You can help save it from urban sprawl!

Take Back Your Health, Starting Tonight!

Here’s a promotional video for the eclectic lifestyle and wellness conference!