Mom’s Dramatic Story of Food Coloring and ADHD Effects in her Children

ABC News featured this compelling testimony before the FDA on food coloring and its negative effect on learning and behavior in children.

How to Add Exercise to Your Family’s Healthy Diet


Parents set the example in diet and exercise. Today, how one family found ways to make a healthy lifestyle FUN!

An Open Letter to Poland on Raw Milk

A British Royal blows the whistle on a denatured, highly processed milk product, recently introduced into the Polish school lunch program. The very milk that is widely sold in America, he is denouncing!

Sally Fallon Morell Speaks at Fields of Athenry Health Festival


Over 300 moms, dads and children came out to a beautiful farm in Purcellville, VA to hear Sally Fallon Morell speak about children’s nutrition.

Doctors Prescription for Adding More Real Food to Your Kids Diet

Dr-Sue-McCreadie-and-Angelle promotes real food nourishment as a means to health and wellness. See their advice for one easy system for putting more real food on your family table.

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