Can Raw Milk CSA’s Revive Artisan Dairying in America?

For those who can’t keep a family cow, a dairy CSA seems like a good alternative. Pioneers in Massachusetts find that start up farms are possible with the support of their community.

Adopted Holstein Thrives in Milking Shorthorn Herd


Brigitte Ruthman is a part-time farmer with a full time love of cows. She tells a beautiful story of a holstein rescue calf, who now thrives in a small herd of milking shorthorns.

Mastitis Breakthrough Dismissed by Major University

William Gehm

William Gehm tells the story of how his innovative milking system curbs mastitis in dairy cows by 93%. The same university that validates his system, ignores it.

NPR’s All Things Considered Exposes Big Milk’s Monopoly

Yesterday, National Public Radio’s flagship news “magazine” show had a revealing story on what is behind the U.S. dairy industry woes. Through mergers and acquisitions, Dean Foods and Dairy Farmers of America have come to dominate the milk market and are squeezing the life out of America’s dairy farms. While Dean Foods executives brag about their “sunny days of record profits,” family farmers are having to risk their life savings to stay in business just a little while longer…

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