Good Grief. Chicken Vaccines?

Well, now I have seen everything. A farm buying club manager just sent me a link to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals chicken health page. This video beats all…

Update: Bye, Bye Nightshades

Pat Claudio is offering a free copy of the newsletter put out by the Arthritis Nightshade Research Foundation…

Are Parents Losing their Grip?


It was a faith based decision. Rita and her husband, made the decision to opt out of vaccines for their school age children. They have had hell to pay ever since.

Bye, Bye Nightshades!


It has been 24 hours since I decided to eliminate nightshade plants from my diet. This past weekend, I had the good fortune to meet Pat Claudio, a volunteer for the Arthritis Nightshade Research Foundation. She gave me her personal testimony of living free from arthritis pain for 15 years

In Case You Don’t Think Big Pharma is Running the Show

A year ago, I read this insightful series by an investigative journalist that details how pharmaceutical companies are defining disease to serve their own ends. Someone who goes to bed well can wake up “suddenly sick” when the threshold for qualifying for a drug is lowered.

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