Annual FTCLDF Fundraiser at Joel Salatin Farm


Joel Salatin Shows his gratitude to Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund by hosting an annual fundraiser and farm tour of his famous sustainable farm.

Fundraiser for Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Held at Polyface Farm


Farming Rock Star, Joel Salatin performs an outdoor “concert” of sustainable agriculture to benefit the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Read the guest blog by Joseph Heckman, with video and photo albums.

Food, Inc. A Must See Movie

Food, Inc. Movie Review

Last night, to celebrate my husband’s birthday, we went to the movies! Keith and I packed our homemade popcorn (movie theatre popcorn is made with transfats, YUCK) and headed over to Landmark Theatres in Bethesda, MD to see Food, Inc. Wow, is all I have to say. And, everyone in America needs to see this [...]

Joel Salatin-Our Farmer, Everybody’s Hero

Joel Salatin, Famous Farmer

Joel Salatin, our blog’s Hero of Sustainable Agriculture, is hitting the big time. He is featured in the new documentary, Food, Inc. which my husband is taking me to see on his birthday tomorrow! Joel also is gracing the cover of Blue Ridge Outdoors, which is on the stands at our Fitness First Health Club and our local Whole Foods Market. Normally, a magazine that covers outdoor sports, Blue Ridge Outdoors is calling Joel an Outdoor Hero, and has a wonderful interview with Joel about his role as a leader in the locavore movement.

A Virginia Farmers Wisdom

Joel Salatin, another Hero of Sustainable Agriculture, is the owner of Polyface Farm in Virginia. He has penned an interesting article about the key to growing the sustainable farm economy…

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