Underground Wellness Radio Does Swine Flu and Vaccines Show

photo credit: David Dees deesillustration.com Dangers of the Flu and Swine Flu Vaccinations David Michael (Augie), Publisher of the Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health, will be the guest on Underground Wellness radio show on Wednesday 9/9/9 at 9 central, 8 eastern time. The entire show is on the truth about the dangers of [...]

Kevin Trudeau on Swine Flu & Mass Vaccinations


The mainstream media has not discussed one of the most significant events in the last 100 years. Over the last month, the World Health Organization has raised the alert level for the swine flu to level six. This is the highest level the World Health Organization can issue, declaring a worldwide pandemic for the swine flu. This has gotten virtually no national media attention.

When a level six pandemic is declared by the World Health Organization, individual countries have the legal right to require its citizens to get vaccinations or to take drugs if the government deems necessary…

Forest Fed Pork-The Natural Alternative to Factory Pork Farming

The Forest--Species Appropriate Diet for Pigs

This week’s Natural Cures Blog Carnival is highlighting “Buy Local Foods” as a wellness strategy. Since the recent outbreak of swine flu likely started at a CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation), it makes sense to look for safer sources of pork for the family table.

Factory Pig Farming may be at the Root of Swine Flu Outbreak

photo credit: La FruU Another blogger has come across an incredible bit of news, a factory pig farm that produces nearly a million pigs per year is the likely source of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico, that is now infecting U.S. citizens in Texas and California. Tweet

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