My Health Story Appears in Fairfax Times

Kimberly Hartke

Hartke is Online is a Real Food Testimony

Alexandra Greeley is a Northern Virginia based food writer. She is also on the board of Slow Foods DC. She found my blog when I listed it on the Washington Post list of local blogs. A few months ago, she interviewed me about the blog and my health journey.

Starting with the South Beach diet, and then transitioning to the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines, my husband and I have added years to our lives and a spring to our step. He lost 30 lbs, I lost 20. And we have kept the weight off!

Here is the story on the Fairfax Times website: Sharing a Healthy Message.

Kimberly Hartke is a food blogger with a passion for real food and farm fresh ingredients.

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  1. Joseph Heckman says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.  You mention nightshades.  Dr Norman Childers, a professor from Rutgers University, was instrumental in bringing attention to the nightshades concern.  He recently died at 100. “He also studied and founded a foundation on night shades and their effect on arthritis and health in general.”  The work of Dr. Childers:   

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