A Humble Harvest

Last summer, I began a backyard farm, of sorts. I planted tomatoes and peppers and garlic, three staples of my cooking repertoire. The deer ate the first of my tomato crop, so then I deer fenced, which protected the crops from deer, but also made it nearly impossible….

A Weight Loss Testimonial

A Life Unburdened by Richard Morris, chronicles one man’s return to his ancestral diet, and the subsquent loss of 150 lbs. This eye opening story leads one to believe that modernity with all its convenience foods and fast food, has really played a big role in the obesity epidemic.

Washington Post Front Page News!

The top political newspaper in the country, the one that influences world leaders, corporate leaders and government leaders has just published a great article on the growing influence of the Weston A. Price Foundation and its dietary principles.

Crema–Raw Milk Consumers Present Their Case

This is a fantastic overview of the health benefits of Farm Fresh Milk! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5FoFoFNeCk Tweet

Cows and Sharing

My husband and I own 2/26ths of a cow named Aster. She lives on a 100 year old farm and provides us milk every week. We love our cow, and it is so nice to know exactly where our milk comes from, and how she is treated.