Martha Boneta Shares Her Love of Farming

Property Rights Victor Wins Politicians Praise

Martha Boneta of Paris, Virginia worked for two years with state legislators and stakeholders to protect her farm and others like it from interference from pesky and intrusive regulators and their rules. She handled the challenge with grace and charm and patience with the process. Now, she is winning praise from the politicians who admire her tireless and generous efforts to secure property rights for Virginia farmers.

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Hartke is Online! also names Martha our Hero of Sustainable Agriculture. We have written numerous stories about her plight and the mission that grew out of it. We recognize that her efforts were selfless in the face of tremendous obstacles, and that she acted not only on her own behalf, but on behalf of farmers around the state and across the nation. She was unflappable, dignified and, most of all, friendly as she sought redress for her grievances. She is a tremendous role model for other activists to follow.

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