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HartkeisOnline.com publishes regular content about  lifestyle solutions to prevent illness and encourage wellness.  We would love you to submit your ideas. There are two ways to participate, by commenting below the post or by emailing a link to (kim dot hartke at gmail.com) your relevant blog article, and it will appear within my post. Either way, you get a link back to your blog if you have one.

Do You Have a Guest Blog Idea?  Please send it to kim.hartke at gmail.com.

Links to Previous Wellness Posts

Click on hyperlinks to see these other interesting topics! It is never too late to add your entry to a given post, just make sure you specify which article you want your post to link to in your email.

Email me your post (submissions from archives, totally ok)  at kim.hartke at gmail.com.

March 31-Exercise, share your favorite exercise class, your favorite sport, stretch or move. If you have an exercise routine to address a specific health condition, we’d love to hear that, too.

April 7- Diet, tell us what works for you, healing recipes, nutritional protocols, weight loss ideas. Anything related to nutrition is fair game.

April 14-Cancer, how to prevent, how to overcome, how to enhance conventional treatment, or choose alternatives. Any stories or experience with cancer and nutrition are also welcome.

April 21-Digestive Issues, how to overcome digestive issues and the maladies that flow from them.

April 28-Herbs for Healing, Life never promised you an herb garden, but some of you have discovered the magic of herbal tonics, cooking with herbs. Please share your herbal finds with us.

May 5-Alternative Health, Share your success stories with alternative and natural health care. Our guest post will be by Christopher Matthew Stepien, who is studying to be a chiropractor in NY.

May 12-Weight Loss/Gain, Share strategies for losing weight (naturally, of course) or gaining weight, if that is what your goal is.

May 19-Healthy Recipes, we should get a lot of good entries for this health promoting foods carnival. Please share a recipe and how it promotes wellness.

May 26-Natural Remedies-please share this week on home remedies that have been passed down your family tree.

June 9-Eat More Veggies-This is your chance to share how you are Going Green with your diet. Submit any recipe that features vegetables, ways that you are getting picky eaters to try new veggies, health benefits of veggies, etc.

June 16-Natural Medicine-This is a broad topic, and any alternative health ideas are welcome! Submit natural ways that you find to solve your health or mood issues, recipes for wellness, whatever.

June 23-Rest and Relaxation-we are entering vacation season, and as a wellness oriented person I have come to appreciate rest as a cure. Please share your vacation plans, what you like to do to unwind on weekends, vacation recipes, any ideas for how to re-charge your batteries and stay healthy would be great.

June 30-Buy Local Foods-Now that farmers markets are in full swing, share how buying local has enhanced your commitment to your health and the environment, share recipes made with local foods, etc.

July 14-Overcoming  Depression-We all have our down days, but mood disorders are on the increase in our culture, why do you think this is, and what are some natural strategies for overcoming foul moods.

July 21-Cancer Prevention-Let’s hear from more of you about cancer prevention: dietary guidelines, lifestyle changes, eliminating toxins from your environment, safe household products. Whatever you are doing to live cancer-free!

Aug 4-Swine Flu, Seasonal Flu, Colds-We are honored to have Kevin Trudeau, Author of Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About as a guest blogger on Swine Flu and building immunity. Join him!

Aug 11-Memberships and Affiliations-Where do you “pay dues” as part of your overall health crusade? To what organizations do you owe a debt of gratitude for bringing you to a wellness mentality? Please tell us!

Aug 18-Nourishing Foods-What foods do you use in your family to help convalescents get well, athletes to compete, kids to grow up healthy and strong? Please share your favorite foods and recipes here!

August 25-Raw Milk & Gut Health-It’s Michael Schmidt Month on Hartke is Online! Mark McAfee is our celebrity guest blogger. Please submit posts about raw dairy, immunity building, buying local milk, and, of course, any post about Michael Schmidt, the raw dairy farmer facing criminal charges for helping his fellow man access raw dairy products.

September 1-Autoimmune Diseases-Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes…what these diseases have in common is that they are all autoimmune diseases. Robin Shirley, a Hartke is Online blog reader is starting a Northern Virginia support group for sufferers of these maladies. She is our guest blogger. Please join her if you have ideas for approaches to these debilitating diseases.

September 8-Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture-Anyone fed up with our drug addicted culture and symptom managing, (but never dealing with root causes) drugs will want to explore eastern medicine. I have had several incredible experiences and positive results from my forays east.  This article talks about curing severe back pain, knee pain and acid reflux with oriental medicine. Let’s hear what you know, or what questions you have about this ancient healing practice.

September 15 -Weight Loss Blog Carnival-This blog post will feature a Northern Virginia Pastor who is setting his community on fire for weight loss. Please share your stories of how you have overcome weight issues, books you like on weight loss, tributes to your personal trainer or favorite exercise class or celebrity fitness guru.

September 22-Cellulite and Other Outward Appearances-a brand new blog called Cellulite Investigation will delve into the causes and solutions for cellulite.  We are proud to have the author as a guest blogger. Please share your blog posts on this or any other appearance related health concern, acne, hair loss, wrinkles etc.

September 29-Nutritional Therapy-The Nutritional Therapists Association has a new website. Any nutrition related post is welcome for this carnival. Healthy food, recipes, dietary protocols to overcome specific maladies, etc.

October 6-Colds and Flu-Guest blogger Bonnie will reveal ancient chinese strategies for combatting colds and flu. Please share your insights dealing with keeping your family healthy as we enter the winter season. Have you found good, natural alternatives? If so, please share your opinions or experiences. NOTE: The FDA has not approved any of these natural solutions, so check with your trusted health advisors before using any of these alternative strategies. Two heads are better than one, after all!

October 13-Licking the Flu-Ok, so you have the flu? Now what? This post offers nutritional and other strategies for bouncing back and getting well.

Natural Dental CareGuest Blogger, Janice Curtain shares the exciting message that proper infant and childhood nutrition grows straight teeth. Please share any of your natural ideas for dental health, toothpaste recipes, mouthwash recipes. Also, you can share cautionary tales of things that will harm teeth, things that parents should know.

Spotlight on Bile-Guest Blogger, Stephanie Small shares a little known cause of digestive distress. Have you conquered digestive issues, naturally? This is your chance to dish! Either comment on this post or submit a link and we will add it.

December 30-Infant Nutrition-The Weston A. Price Foundation is spearheading an effort to warn parents about the toxic consequences of soy infant feeding. This is a post for sharing your ideas for the proper care and feeding of little ones.

December 15- Improving your Child’s Health, Naturally! Guest blogger, Denise Burns submits her story about conquering cavities with real food. Have you improved your child’s health through nutrition, exercise, other home remedies or lifestyle changes? Please share your success with us!

January 5-Natural Cures for the Farm-Guest blogger, William Gehm describes his innovative solution to mastitis in dairy cows. If you have a natural zolution suitable for a farm animal please share it on this post!

January 12-Antibacterial ProductsMelissa Makris a scientist with a special knowledge of immunology, weighs in on the use of antibacterial soaps, sprays and gels, which are pervasive in our world today.

January 26-Lactose IntoleranceI received a letter recently with a powerful testimony about raw milk and lactose intolerance. This one is a must share post, I assure you. Have you overcome milk allergies or lactose intolerance? Please tell your story this week.

Don’t forget, you are always welcome to submit a blog post from your archive for any of the above posts. We hope to build this site as a resource archive so we welcome comments and blog links for any of these topics, at anytime. Please, in the subject line specify which article to which you are submitting the post.


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