Take Back Your Health Coming to Northern Virginia!

Join Us at the Take Back Your Health Conference – DC! I appreciate the opportunity to exhibit at Robin Shirley’s Take Back Your Health Conference in a few weeks. It is a fantastic event and a great way to plug in to the alternative health scene. To say that some of the things you will […]

10 Reasons to Vote NO on Marijuana Legalization

  Why to Give Cannabis a NO Vote   1 Cannabis is an Addictive Drug In the DSM 5, the diagnostic manual used by mental health professionals, Cannabis Use Disorder is a new diagnosis, since legalization in just a few states makes the drug widely available across our nation. According to the National Institute on […]

5 Amazing Reasons to Embrace Copper-Infused Bedding Products

  Introducing Copper Defence by Guest Blogger, Kunal Patel Copper is an essential micronutrient that offers myriad health benefits — one of them being effectively fighting germs and bacteria, thus protecting your health. By using copper bedding like bedsheets, mattresses and pillows, you can keep your bedroom healthy, clean and cool.

Taste of Small Farm America Goes to Capitol Hill

Farm fresh foodies spent a day on Capitol Hill to educate our representatives about the PRIME Act and the need for greater access to raw milk.

New Facebook Page Launched Hopes to Resolve Hair Woes

HartkeisOnline Takes a Turn Toward Natural Beauty You can’t believe the hair problems I’ve had! It is the major cause of something I’ll coin “appearance insecurity”. So I have decided to work on my weakness and focus on learning more about hair. My hair is fine, limp, frizzy, with a natural wave that is very […]