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Raw Milk at Risk in North America


Our raw milk Gandhi is in great need of legal defense funds. Here is his plea to all those who treasure raw milk access.

Asbestos Warning: Still a Real and Present Danger

Watch for this hazard if renovating an old house or office building.

The Asbestos Institute issues this Asbestos warning to the health conscious.

Take Back Your Health Conference Being Planned for October 2016


Robin Shirley’s Take Back Your Health Conference is now bi-coastal. She offers it in Los Angeles and the D.C. Metro area each year. If you have never been, this is a conference designed to equip health coaches and health conscious individuals with good information on a variety of alternative health approaches. Synergistic, rather than dogmatic, […]

Parents Be Warned: Edible Marijuana is a Health Risk


NBC News Reveals Edible Pot Candies Endanger Children Four thousand children have ended up in emergency rooms across the country from high potency THC laced candies. Candy pot is identical to the confections sold in stores nationwide which can lead to accidentally. It is being exported from “pot legal” states like California and Colorado to […]

Virginia Farmer Honored by State Legislature


Martha Boneta wins accolades from the legislative body where she sought help when county regulators overstepped their bounds and her property rights.

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