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Virginia Farmer Honored by State Legislature


Martha Boneta wins accolades from the legislative body where she sought help when county regulators overstepped their bounds and her property rights.

The Farmer who Sacrificed it All for Raw Milk Freedom


We have written numerous stories about farmers and their struggles to get out from under the onerous regulations that have made our food less safe, less nutritious. Probably one farmer more than most. Michael Schmidt of Ontario, Canada captures our heart, perhaps more than any other because of the dear price he has paid for our freedom. Michael has lost hundreds of acres of his farm, a marriage, countless hours in numerous courtrooms as a defendant, many more hours at protests and rallies, and a prolonged hunger strike that could have killed him.

Mental Illness: Don’t Ignore Nutrition and Vitamins

Vitamin deficiencies that may play a causative role in mental illness By Guest Blogger, Alfred Stallion Today’s most common patients are overfed. In spite of that, the food they’re being given doesn’t have enough vitamins and minerals to restore their well being. Studies on this matter are constantly linking dietary choices to psychiatric conditions and […]

The Brilliant Legacy of Sally Fallon Morell


After working alongside Sally Fallon Morell for the last 8 years, I had the opportunity to write her story for a California magazine.

Join Me for the Sexy Summit!


I am honored to be a part of Christi Cass’s Sexy Summit. Tune in to learn how to be your sexy, confident, healthy self.

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