Polish Farmers Rise to Defend Traditional Foods

Polish farmers protest sale of farmland to foreign multinationals.

Nutrient dense, traditional foods like those suggested in the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines are threatened in Poland.

Push for Farm Freedom Virginia


Vote for Farm Freedom Virginia! We’ve never come this close to making Virginia safe for small farmers and artisan producers.

The Great GMO Labeling Debate

Two food heavyweights to duke it out over the GMO labeling issue. Who are you rooting for?

This heavyweight bout over food ideas is sure to make waves! But will it help remove GMOs from our food supply?

Farming Experts Predict Food Safety Laws Will Destroy Local Foods Trend


The FSMA food safety laws passed Congress easily. Ironically, FDA rule making makes it impossible for farms producing the safest food to survive.

The Lone Farmer Who Testified on FSMA

Mike Tabor gives tour of his farm to local patrons.

Only one farmer testified to Congress on the Food Safety Modernization Act. He expressed concern about the FDA’s credibility and the legislation’s negative impact on the small farm economy.

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