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Wild Boar or Waste Water? Who Slimed the Spinach?

Wildlife and their habitat are being destroyed to address food safety problems. This article by Jim Bynum explains why wild boars are scapegoats to hide a dirty secret–contaminated water being used on industrial farms.

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What I am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Blogger Kimberly Hartke shares her thanksgiving for the many new and exciting food flicks, her blog contributors, commenters, and one supportive husband.

Spreading Sewage Sludge on U.S. Fields, Hidden Cause of Food Safety Problems

The House recently passed a new food safety bill giving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) new power and more money. According to recently discovered documents, this will do nothing to protect our food. Since 1980 it has been the official national policy to dispose of sewage waste on grazing land, fruits and vegetables, parks school grounds and home lawns.

Food Safety Bill Opinion Editorials

Dissenting Voices on Food Safety Bill S 510 Over the past few years, has made an effort to amass many voices of concern about the food safety bill, Food Safety Modernization Act (HR. 2749, S. 510) which successfully passed in Congress. This blog is devoted to rebuilding our rural communities with sustainable, mixed use […]