DC Sneak Peak New Food Documentary!

Revolution: Food is a food documentary that uplifts and rejoices in all the good being done by farmers around the world. A DC area screening is being held October 3, 2015.

Vaccine Alternative: Parents Take Note!

I represent the author of this new book, There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis As a Hartke reader, I know you will be interested in the alternative to vaccines she presents. Her previous book The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis was given a thumbs up review in Wise Traditions Journal. To often, the discussion of vaccines seems like a […]

US Heathful Food Council Awards Real Food Innovators

The US Healthful Food Council recently recognized real food innovators at a gala event.

GMO Issue Sparks Activism

A corporate executive’s descent into poor health brings her to search for root causes of her health problems, where she discovers the GMO issue.

GMO Debate to be Available Livestream and Download

GMO labels pose hardships on producers, but consumers denied the facts also not an option! Listen to debate by two men taking opposite sides of the issue.