Wanted Healing Remedies from Nature, Nutrition!

Exciting New Blog Carnival Announced by HartkeIsOnline.com

Our New Blog Carnival Logo

Our New Blog Carnival Logo

Some of you may have noticed that one of my categories on this blog is Get Well Naturally–Blow off Pharma Drugs. I am an anti-drug person, illicit, pharmaceutical, over the counter, it doesn’t matter. I don’t even like to take aspirin (take a look at the list of possible side affects from aspirin sometime, it is 4 pages long!) My personal philosophy is to help the body heal, whenever possible, by natural means. I have seen too many deaths, injuries and too much physical and emotional damage that these chemical solutions do to people. So, in keeping with this, I would like to begin a blog carnival, where readers and other bloggers can contribute natural, holistic remedies, protocols, strategies that have worked for you.  Personal testimonies, recipes, even healing miracles, good books on the subject, stories of doctors who have helped you without drugs, exercise regimes for specific ailments, all of these we will try to cover, and more. Past stories that fit the topic are also welcome, we’d love to dig into your archives for some natural healing ideas!

We also welcome the participation of doctors, nurses, alternative health practitioners and other health care professionals! We will be happy to provide a link to your website in exchange for a non-drug approach to healing.

New Carnival Every Tuesday

We will launch the carnival, next Tuesday, for the first one, we will take any healing idea from nature or nutrition.  We will have the carnival every Tuesday for the next two months and see how it goes. Some Tuesdays, if we don’t have enough entries, I would like to have some guest blog posts that I can put up that week. So if you have a penchant to write about natural healing, go ahead and send me an article by email with your photo and bio. I will have in on my hard drive to publish when needed.  You can send your links or guest post ideas to me by email, to kim.hartke at gmail.com and I will post them.  Please copy the logo below for the carnival as well as the artwork credit beneath it and use it on your blog post if you are a blogger.

If you do not have a blog, please send me your story/remedy by email along with a photo if you have one to illustrate the idea.

How You Can Help Promote the Carnival

All of us who want to achieve wellness without pharmaceuticals will have a vested interest in the success of this carnival. Please consider doing a blog post announcing the carnival for me, I would really appreciate your help getting the word out.


Natural Cures Blog Carnival Logo–Artwork Credit: Digital Trash

FYI: The name of this painting is Listen to the Birds!