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USDA Dietary Guidelines Controversy

Here is an index of recent posts pertaining to the proposed USDA 2010 dietary guidelines, and the controversy that has ensued.

Public Testimony Before the USDA, July 8, 2010

Kathryn Pirtle, Author of Performance without Pain
I Nearly Lost my Life, Career by Following Government Dietary Guidelines

Dr. John Salerno, M.D., author, Silver Cloud Diet
Medical Doctor Questions the Wisdom of USDA Dietary Guidelines

Alyce Ortuzar of the Well Mind Association
American Diet, “Highly Processed Products Parading as Food”

Sally Fallon Morell of the Weston A. Price Foundation
High Carb Diets Fail to Satisfy Appetite, Nutritional Requirements

Cell Biologist, Richard Feinman
Government has Failed to Halt Epidemic of Obesity and Diabetes

Nutrition Scientist, Jeff Volek
USDA Low Fat, High Carb Plan Doesn’t Work for Many

Adele Hite of the Nutrition and Metabolism Society
USDA Dietary Guidelines Responsible for Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic

Morton Satin of the Salt Institute
Salt Strictures will Increase Cardiovascular and other Health Risks

Note: the Below Were Not Given as Public Testimony

Committee for a Healthy Nation
USDA Advisors Ignored Science, Poor Health Indicators

Publicist Kimberly Hartke
Many Voices Raised Against Unscientific Plant-Based Diet

“Cereal Killer” Author, Alan Watson

Author Debunks USDA Low Fat Dietary Guidelines

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