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Small Farms vs. Big Government

Working as I do on farm issues, I have come to know and love many farmers and respect and admire their industry, creativity and passion for their work. What a shame to see the lack of support or even open hostility they are shown by agricultural agencies and public health officials.

Now I know why rural America is devastated. Duh, it’s the regulations.

Virginia County and State Rules Contradict Each Other Causing Confusion

Regulatory Confusion Hinders Cottage Industry

Pitchfork Protest Becomes Protect Farmer Rights Bill

California Department of Food and Agriculture Tries to Interfer with Private Contracts

The Last Farm in San Jose, California

Eye Witness Raid to Rawesome Speaks

M.D. Confronts D.A. Over Rawesome Farm Buying Club Raid

Calfornia Moves to Take Away Citizens Right to Board Goats, Cows

Mark McAfee Writes Letter of Support for Herdshare Programs

College Professor Chastises District Attorney by Teaching Class on Legality of Goat Shares

Goat Cheese Maker says Food Safety Modernization Act will Put Him Out of Business


Pennsylvania Amish Farmers Battle Big Brother

FDA Blasted for Sting Against Amish Farmer

Maryland- Motivated Consumers Battle to Legalize Raw Milk

Health Foodies vs. The FDA

Raw Milk Freedom Riders

Massachusetts - The Tiniest One Cow Dairy Targeted by Regulators

Herdshare Bill Needs Support in Massachusetts

Joshua’s Farm vs. State of Massachusetts

Michigan -Invasive Species Order Threatens Farmers and Game Preserve Owners

Invasive Species Order Leaves Farm Families in Legal Limbo on Verge of Financial Ruin

Factory Farms Behind Pig Genocide in Michigan

Michigan Destroys Agri-Tourism with Invasive Species Order

Big Pig Lobbyist Uses Cloakroom Tactic to Foil Small Farm Defense

Michigan CAFOs Conspire with Government to Outlaw Outdoor Pig Farming

Missouri Cheesemaker’s Livelihood  Threatened by Aggressive Regulators

Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese

Morningland Dairy Headed to Court

How to Respond to a Farm Raid

Wisconsin State Agency Moves to Shut Down Raw Dairy Sales

Brave Dairy Farmer Stands Up for Personal Liberty and Private Contracts

Young Cheesemaker says Goodbye to Wisconsin

Trautman Wall May Be Local Food Movements Line in the Sand

Max Kane, Filmmaker, Raw Milk Activist

Milk Man Faces Jail for his Non-Cooperation with State Regulators

Raw Milk Activist Wins Important Court Victory

“Let Them Eat Grass” says Little Farm Boy

Wisconsin Raw Milk Ground Zero

Trautman Family Farm Shut Down

Washington State Cheesemaking Operations Shut Down

History of Estrella Family Creamery

Documentary Film Describes Life of Estrella Family Cheesemakers

Wanted: “Crop Mob” to Save Artisan Dairying

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